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Castor Oil


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Castor Oil

Ricinus communis is the scientific name for the castor bean or castor oil plant. Castor oil referring, of course to the light golden oil extracted from the bean, with many many benefits. The plant is said to be native to Afrika and Asia. In summary the oil is said to have antimicrobial, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and even laxative benefits. The beans contain ricin which is said to be a toxic agent that is eliminated by the heat process used to extract the oil.


Strengthens the immune system by boosting the production of white blood cells. It also is said to improve blood flow, thymus gland health and lymphatic drainage.

Eases constipation when taken orally, as it stimulates bowel movements. It is recommended that it be used for this purpose only occasionally and even then only in small doses or else one risks diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and cramps. It can also induce labor.

Promotes skin moisture retention because of a monounsaturated fat it contains known as ricinoleic acid and therefore can be used to nourish and protect the skin. Make sure to test this out on a small area using a small quantity to ensure you have no reactions to the oil.

Helps skin heal as it forms a barrier to prevent healing skin from drying out and dead skin cell build-up.

Reduces inflammation and pain in joints when applied to the skin.

Contains antibacterial properties that help fight skin infections such as those causing acne.

Keeps your mouth healthy due to its antifungal properties which help to fight candida albicans.

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Protects hair and scalp health and promotes hair growth by increasing the elasticity of hair thereby preventing breakage, and by helping in preventing dandruff.

Helps cure styes due to its antibacterial properties, by direct application to the stye.

As with all things, seek God’s will first to know how or if to use.


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