Some say this green oil, pressed from the flesh of that power-packed fruit-berry is one of the healthiest oils around. According to farmersalmanac.com it is resistant to oxidation and so it can last longer on your shelf and makes a great substitute for cooking oil, butter and margarine as it can be used for high-heat cooking, even while it can also be used for raw culinary applications as well as applied to skin and hair. You want the unrefined, unbleached, undeodorized kind, or you could just make your own.

It is rich in Vitamin E, A, D, lecithin, protein, omega 3, omega 9, beta carotene… and basically most of what you’ll find in the fruit, minus the fiber.

These are some of the benefits that you can enjoy from using this green liquid gold:

Lower cholesterol and blood pressure

Removes heavy metals (like mercury and lead) from the body (liver, kidney, brains and other organs)

Skin healing properties

Helps tissue regeneration and cell renewal

Great for the health of your teeth

Stimulates hair growth

Helps with weight loss

Helps with absorption of nutrients

*Use with God, use with care

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Chioma Phillips

Chioma Phillips

Chioma Phillips is the Editor of Msingi Afrika Magazine. She is also the founder of the magazine's publisher, The Knowledge Consultancy Limited, which shares information, tools and insights to provoke thought and inspire movement... towards God.
Her perspective goes beyond national boundaries to see the full scope of what God is saying and doing for the continent of Africa and the world in these end times.

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