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Is it Time for Personal Resets?


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Is it Time for Personal Resets?

From all indications and from all that could be learnt from the way 2020 went and the many other events that toppled the usual flow of the world system, the only answer to the above question can only be yes. Why is that? Let me see if I can explain below.

Sometime in February 2020, my wife and I had separate spiritual experiences that indicated to us that there was a global reset coming on the earth. We wrote an article about it which you can read at the link at the end of this article. And true to the interpretation of those experiences we had and shortly after we declared it in the article, the global lockdown due to the pandemic began and since then things have not been the same. And to tell you the truth, nothing in our pre-pandemic world will remain the same. You can take that to the bank.

The pandemic story or let me say the “PLANDEMIC” in all its falsehood and hidden secrets and agendas became a driven force for many new international and local policies, which all point to a very weird agenda for some few who call themselves elites or globalists to put the entire humanity and the resources on earth under their control.

Naturally, the globalist-owned media houses did their jobs very well to create such hysteria about the

so-called pandemic and the race for medical solutions started all around the globe. Most important among them is the mad rush to create vaccines for the prevention of further spread of the disease.The entire brotherhood of global pharmaceutical companies got into the race to produce vaccines, even though you could see clearly that something was definitely wrong with the approach they all were taking. Because, for anyone who has eyes to see, it’s easy to see through the veil that, when vaccines that usually take years or even decades to produce are now produced within a few months, then there is another bigger agenda behind the entire pandemic story. And sure enough, there is.

The global financial reset

Just a while ago, several months after we announced the reset, my wife came across some articles and videos online that actually stated that there was a conference by the global financial whatever and the agenda of the conference was what they call the Great Global Reset. That was in April of 2020, two months after we made the announcement about the reset. I cannot say I was very surprised that such a conference was held, but I think I was more intrigued to learn that while the entire world (the ignorant ones) thinks that we are in a global pandemic, the actual goal for both the pandemic and the supposed “preventive vaccine” was nothing but a way to create a herd of souless humans who will be nothing but zombies and slaves left to the imaginations of the globalists. You can’t imagine the level of wickedness and sorcery playing out in this age. I cannot say so much in this article because of space but you can see the link below to read an article i wrote about the coming global reset on my personal website. See this link:

I am very aware of those who like to think with their heads tucked under their bottoms, so I fully expect someone reading this to say it’s a conspiracy theory. The simple truth however is that, there is a global agenda to create a New World Order of ungodliness, which is a system ruled by the Anti-Christ.

Take it or leave it, the pandemic or let me say “Plandemic”, the lock down, the hyped covid deaths, the many new international policies, the untested and untried vaccines that are being pushed all over the world are all part of the agenda to get you ready for the coming global reset. A reset which includes how to make every human on earth slave to the so-called elites. There is lots of information out there from genuine professionals in the areas of science research, medicine, technology etc who are saying the truth about what is really going on and how to prepare for what is coming.

Mind, Body and Spirit Reset

In all of what is going on right now in our world and the many deceptions that are veiling the eyes of many from seeing or understanding the truth, one thing I believe that is very important and which everyone should take time out to do is, personal resets. It’s time to do a spiritual, mental and body reset. Just maybe each one will be prepared enough for that which must come to pass.

What is a reset? A reset in its simplest form is to start again or bring a system to the point where it will begin again. A reset clears any pending errors or events and brings a system to normal condition or an initial state, usually in a controlled manner.

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If you look at the global space, you will see a lot of pressure and tension in all the sectors of humanity, especially in the financial and medical space just to mention a few. And because it is very clear that when tension or pressure hits its highest point, an explosion must take place if a reset of the system is not done. The global reset is the quick solution proposed by the globalists. Now based on this analogy of pressure that leads to reset, you will think those that are proposing the global reset have the safety and good of the people in mind. Not at all. The pressure itself was created by them and the reset to supposedly ease the pressure is also a planned event that will help them bring all humanity to the next phase of control on the earth without too much contention from the people.

Now, the question to ask is this, why do we need personal resets?

None of us have been spared from the pressure that has been created for centuries and none of us “will” be exempted from the effect of the global reset that is coming, except God in His wisdom decides to sweep clean this whole global drama and bring in a new life on earth. Clearly, the new policies that are being created right now are already affecting everyone. So the one thing I believe should happen with each one is a personal reset to ease off the many pressures that we all have piled up spiritually, mentally and bodily. It will take some level of spiritual vitality, mental clarity and bodily fitness to thrive in the coming days.

A reset can simply begin with asking yourself some personal questions about your life, what you do and how and why you have been doing what you do. It’s like a reviewing of all that concerns us in order to create a clear path devoid of the old pressure and stuff, and then walk into the future with clarity of mind.


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