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Welcome to February, the love month. Well, so they say.

There is something about popular concepts, ideologies, and even narratives and how they create within the human mind the inability to relook things from different perspectives or to make new deductions about what is true or falsehood. Love, romance, and even the day called Valentine’s Day, in this present day, has become another noose around the necks of many who just can’t take off the robes of false concepts and ideologies.

So, you hear people say they are in love today and very happy with their spouses or who they are with, and then something happens the very next morning and all that feeling of love and romance of the previous day just takes up wings and hate suddenly sets in.

This reality begs the question; is it possible to have both love and hate in the same heart?

Well, the answer is YES but with a caveat. Here is what I mean.

Love is not just what you give to someone to make them feel good about you nor what you say to make you appear romantic and cool, love is who you are. Everything else; the gifts, the cool words, all come out of that which you are. Love is a person.

They called February the month of love but that is nothing but a limitation on love, for love is not what you bring out from your wardrobe and put on like clothes on a particular day nor is it the best restaurant in town that you could afford on Valentine’s Day. It is who you are day in and day out.

We live in a world that has erroneously turned love into feelings, gifts, and selfish tendencies towards one another. This is the generation with the most usage of the word “love” but also the most cruel, wicked, selfish, hateful, and destructive. But why is that? The reason is the ignorance of what love means.

Love, from the dimension of humanity, is the understanding of Divinity, the logical mastery of the concept of right and wrong, and how both interplay in our lives.

The reality of two trees

As conscious humans with the ability to think logically, there are two trees or systems of knowledge in each one of us. And this is not religious talk.

In each of us is the Tree of Life and the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

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The Tree of Life is a system of knowing the Divine and how each one of us is a divine channel through which the fruit of Divinity is manifested in our world as love. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil speaks of the system of knowing through logical reasoning and how we interact with the world around us using our five senses. The latter is mostly expressed through the channel of self and selfishness and both systems of knowledge are spiritual.

But how does the same heart or mind that professes love today bring forth hate the next day?

The fruit of which tree we manifest in our daily lives is determined by which of the trees within us that we give attention to. It’s like a farmer who has several fruit trees in his garden (the mind is a garden). It is the tree to which he gives more manure and care that will flourish with fruits.

How does a man nurture the trees within him? By the power of his thoughts. This is the reason why you can feel love towards one person in the room and feel disdain for another person in the same room. Your thoughts created the difference between the two people.

This means that whatever thought energy you create within you will determine which of the trees you are giving strength to and that will also determine which fruit you will bring forth on the outside.

Love and hate have a very delicate balance in our world. So, let us all give critical attention to our thoughts and just maybe we will be able to tilt the balance towards true love again.

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