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Terminator gene or (GURT) Genetic Use Restriction Technology

Terminator gene or (GURT) Genetic Use Restriction Technology

A GMO is a crop made by taking a normal crop and unnaturally infusing genetic material from an related species: plant, animal, bacteria, virus or germ into the plant’s DNA to give the plant desirable characteristics from the unrelated species.

Back in the days, gene editing was done crudely by using a gene gun to shoot or blast these desirable genes from the unrelated species into the gene of the target plant.

However, nowadays, new technologies have been engineered to allow scientists to edit genes by cutting out an undesired DNA sequence to insert a desired sequence from another, to alter the DNA and give a plant or animal new characteristics.

Then there is RNA interference that can be used to change the RNA messenger signals to cause the development of new DNA code and sequence to give the organism new characteristics. This apparently is how the mRNA vaccine got people’s bodies to produce spike proteins to activate their immunity to fight COVID.

The most common food genetic modification comes from Bacterium Thuringiensis, which is a bacteria found in algae, the stomachs of caterpillars, animal feces and a number of other sources. This bacteria produces a crystal which when ingested can destroy the stomach lining of pests like aphids, worms, moths and mosquitos, which results in their death by malnutrition.

On discovering this crystal, #Monsanto genetically engineered the genes of the Bacterium Thurgiensis into maize, cotton and soya to enable them to produce this crystal (pesticide) that kills pests that feed on them.

As a consequence, today we now have BT maize, BT cotton and BT soya owned by Monsanto and the BT abbreviation represents the Bacterium Thurgiensis now found in the plant.

To protect these DNA improvements from being reproduced and benefiting farmers for a lift-time without coming back to rebuy the seeds, and to advance U.S. government’s strategy of controlling global food. The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Research Service and some biotech companies, created the Transgenic Terminator gene of Genetic Use Restriction Technology (GURT) to make the GMO plants sterile after you plant them for the first season.

This ensures that the GMO seed produces once and thereafter becomes sterile and cannot be reproduce again so that the farmer is forced to go back and rebuy seeds every season.

The second thing is in the first season, the GMO plant produces pollen which can drift through the air to cross-pollinate other GMOs or nonGMO crops in a radius of up to 60km. Those pollinated crops will then flower and produce fruit which then turns into GMO seeds if the fruit is not harvested. That seed in turn inherits the characteristics of the more dominant GMO mother plant to include the terminator gene which makes it sterile.

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This way, as intended by Henry Kissinger and other American scientists, the GMO crops can be used to destroy other nations nonGMO seed-stock through cross-pollination, the moment they grow these GMOs in their country.

At this point these nations are forced to rebuy GMO or hybrid seeds from the leading producers that are U.S. and Chinese.

Even more insidious, once a nation’s nonGMO crops have been contaminated by the GMO pollen (with or without the terminator gene), these American biotech companies are known to go around testing seeds and grains during harvest time and when they find their GMO strains in the grains, they sue for technology-use fees and royalties.

If a country refuses to pay the taxes and royalties, the companies get the U.S. government to approach the countries buying these grains and get their governments to remove a 1% tax from the payment to the country where the GMO has tainted the national seed, and they pay the biotech company.

According to global literature, the terminator gene or GURT has not been licensed for commercialization by the Americans. However, through our scientific lab tests, we have found this terminator gene and promoter genes in #Innscor’s GMO laced food and #Profeeds animal feed to show that this biological weapon is being sold secretly on the global market.

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