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SURVIVING COVID-19 – The Neglected Remedy


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SURVIVING COVID-19 – The Neglected Remedy

A Mini Barefoot Guide Agroecology Series: Surviving COVID-19 – The Neglected Remedy by The Natural Food Barefoot Guide Writer’s Collective 2020.
This book offers simple, genuine and accessible solutions for Africans to not only cope and recover better from COVID-19, but really to help manage the overall health and wellness on the continent by helping to lower the number of new cases of many modern diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cancers. How? By eating healthy food. It also serves as a guide to help us turn the tide away from over-processed foods that are often grown using chemicals and instead build a healthy norm, by eating a great variety of nutritious locally produce natural foods, including indigenous crops and vegetables.
The Authors:
Cecilia Moraa Onyango (PhD), Kenya
John Wilson, Zimbabwe
Peter Gubbels, West Africa
Peter Ogera Mokaya (MD), Kenya
A Publication of The Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA)

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