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Fathers’ Blessings Make Room for their Children


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Fathers’ Blessings Make Room for their Children

Fatherhood and blessing are two very closely knitted things that must go together if a family, community, or a people are to thrive. You cannot separate these two beauties for any reason. In fact, in the Afrikan context and even in the Christian Bible, the blessing of a father, or the words of blessing that come from the mouth of a father are deeper and more weighty than any physical inheritances that they leave for their children. Fathers’ blessings are not just words of good will to their children but bridges that connect the past to the present and then the future.

The blessings of the fathers empower and embolden the children, creating a supernatural protective hedge over them. We cannot take lightly this reality.

Sometime ago, I was with my wife in a government office located somewhere within a Maasai community. We had gone to get a particular government document she needed for something she was applying for. While we waited within the compound for the office to open, (we had arrived early) something happened that caught my attention. There were these Masai security guys that watch the compound. I think they had finished their night shift and were fetching water from a running tap close by. Then, a young girl who appeared dressed for school walked into the compound and went to greet the two men. She bent the knee a bit to greet them. I noticed that each time she greeted one of the men, that particular man put his right hand on her forehead saying something I could not hear from that distance. Both of the men did the exact same thing when she greeted them. I am convinced that the words of those men were not just greetings, or responses to the greetings of the young girl, but blessings that they pronounced over her as the carrier of the next generation.

The power of words

There is power in spoken words and ancient fathers understand this reality. So it’s no joke when they preserve the rituals through which they use words to create realities in their communities. That’s because they understand the power of intent and spoken words as creators of realities. In fact, sorcery, as used by those who practice witchcraft or dark magic is made up of spells framed in words which are directly connected to the intents of the heart of the person casting the spells. Meaning that the power of spoken words can both be used for good or for evil.

Our world is going through very devastating situations, but many are not aware that these things are not just accidental events, but carefully orchestrated events that are results of words and spells spoken in hidden and dark places.

Have you wondered yet how it’s possible for the entire nations of the world to be doing the same thing, as if they all are reading from the same script? Don’t wonder too much. They all are actually reading from the same script. Either directly or indirectly. A script written by the hands of those who are steeped in dark magic, and whose intent is to constantly blindfold the world to do their bidding through the spells that they cast over the face of the people. So the entire leadership of the world is so veiled in dark sorcery that it wreaked havoc on their people, but they really don’t care.

I cannot stress this too much. It’s either you understand it or you do not. The blessings of fathers don’t just make rich, they create pathways for their children into the future.

Let the fathers bless their children

I cannot stress this too much. It’s either you understand it or you do not. The blessings of fathers over their children don’t just make them rich in physical wealth, they create spiritual pathways for their children into the future. Ancient Afrikans understand this to be true and by wisdom of old, they build altars from where they make pronouncements over their families, the land and their communities. And for those who like to see the things ancient Afrikans did as fetish, Abraham the father of faith did the same things when he built altars unto God as places of covenants and pronouncements.

When fathers fall asleep

The property of a strong man cannot be stolen by strangers, except he is first bound, or made drunk and then his goods will be stolen. And we are seeing this everywhere you turn. Families, communities, nations are losing their inheritances but cannot tell where the rain that is beating them is coming from.

Afrika is where she is today largely because the Afrikan fathers are asleep and not blessing the land. They are mostly busy pursuing jobs, contracts, businesses and whatever else they are pursuing. But if you take a good look at the way the world has turned, you will see that almost all the time, the children of very wealthy men turn into beggars after their wealthy fathers are gone. In fact, some even get into bloody battles and court cases lasting for decades for the wealth and property of their late fathers. Most of them end up being paupers. Why? True blessing is not money or material wealth passed down from fathers to children, but deep spiritual realities that are formed by the good heart of the fathers for their children.

Many fathers are busy casting spells against the land due to the painful situations going on, and that is causing curses on their children.

Fathers must cast the seeds of blessings in the land and the mothers must incubate those blessings until they come forth as good trees bearing good fruits. But in the case where fathers are contending with their sons for the proceeds of corruption and the mothers are contending with their daughters for the attention of men, then the foundation of the whole community is off course, the land unattended and then curses will begin to cover the land like dark clouds.

Modern day sorcerers

I saw a Facebook post a short while ago from someone I really don’t know. I am not one to respond to posts from people that I don’t know, but this time, the post caught my attention and I had to make a comment. The post was something like “The people that have been laughing at your poverty will come back to beg you for money.” You won’t believe the amount of “amen” that followed the post. So I just wrote and said “This is not a prayer, this is sorcery.”

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How does praying for the downfall of someone else become the answer to your own prayer for prosperity? That’s not prayer, that is wickedness and black magic.

I spent relatively a large part of my life in church and had served under several pastors and even prophets before I was pulled out of the church system. So I am not a stranger to hearing “holy sorcery” that men of God make in the name of prophetic utterances. One of such pronouncements that really pisses me off is when you hear them say something like “If you leave my church, the grace and the anointing of this ministry will stop covering you.” There was even one senior pastor whom I knew closely who said something very weird that did not leave my mind for years. One of the serving pastors under him left the ministry and after about a few months or few years that he and his family left, he and his wife got into some issues and divorced. When this senior pastor would respond to the news of their divorce, he made a statement like “did they think they would leave the anointing that is  available in this ministry and nothing would happen to them?”

I was blown away by such statement. This is nothing but sorcery and casting of spells. First, no man of God, irrespective of where he is coming from, has a personal grace of which to boast. Grace still remains the preserve of the Christ and that’s why scripture says in the words of the benediction “the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit…” and then another one which says “The law came through Moses but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. Meaning that no man has the preserve of grace but Christ.

What about you?

I used the above examples of pastors, not to berate them, but to point out how thin the line between making pronouncements and witchcraft is. But the question now is this, how many times have you who is reading this article plotted in your heart for something evil to happen to someone simply because they disagree with your opinion about a thing, or when they refuse to do what you think is good for them? What should we call that if not sorcery. How many times have you manipulated a situation to suit your personal opinion and ideology? Not forgetting that manipulation and witchcraft are brothers of the same family. There are those who wish evil things on those who are not vaccinated for Covid-19 just so they can prove how right they themselves were to be vaccinated and vice-versa. These are nothing but evil thoughts and wicked intentions that can only called sorcery and magic. The mouth cannot speak into place what the heart has not envisaged and sorcery does not begin in the mouth but in the heart.

Be a blessing and not a curse

This earth and the world in it is still God’s project and He will  not abandon it for anything. So while we do what we do on our spiritual and physical journeys on earth, let us not forget that God gave the earth to us and the dominion over it is in our hands. Meaning that the blessings or curses we release over the earth are what we will have as our rewards. For every man will reap what they sow. Good or bad.

So, be a blessing and let your words be seasoned with salt and goodness to create good realities on earth.

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