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Playing the God Card


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Playing the God Card

In this Age of Convenience


That leading that only leads you to do the “things you like” and “when you like” to”whom you like” is not the Holy Spirit but your “Deep Flesh” parading yet disguising as the Spirit of God. –

Apostle Godhem

I copied the above statement from a Facebook post belonging to one of my brothers. It makes much sense to look at the post from the context of what most people are doing in this age in the name of God and especially when it’s the age of convenience and ease. I do not believe things have to be hard or difficult for it to be from God or led by the Spirit of God. I do not think that’s the case. But one thing for sure, and which I believe the quote is pointing at, is the fact that, it’s almost impossible for God to tell us to do or agree to something that does not go against our natural self. And by natural self, I mean, the things we naturally desire to do, places we naturally want to go, or even people that we naturally want to associate with. And by that, I am saying, often times the reason why people do not believe in God or when they believe they don’t do what He says, is because, what He will be asking will more often than not, be against what they naturally want. And mind you, this happens, not because God is against your heart’s desire or even the passion you have inside, He placed it there in the first place, but mostly because, He wants to be part of our life’s journey. There are definitely more reasons, but primarily, God really wants to be part of our lives and that may not happen if we are not ready to submit our will and desires for His to take the center stage.

As much as this is the case with how God deals with the person He wants to relate with, what about those who use the name of God to get their way, while they know on the inside that what they are saying is not from God? Well, to be fair, people do not always use the name of God unjustly, consciously. Sometimes, people do genuinely believe they are hearing from God or being led by the Spirit of God over a particular issue, but then it turns out later that it was not God or His Spirit giving such directives. Such innocent mistakes do occur and are forgivable. And even though it’s not the best way to deal, at least such a person is already being mindful of the truth that, God is both real and should be listened to.

This article is not really about those who make mistakes in their walk with God, but about those who have mastered the use of the Bible or the name of God to get their ways, for their conveniences.

I remember, a couple of years back, that should be around when I just got married, my wife and I went to visit one of our Kenyans brothers and his family. I am not even sure if he will remember the event if he reads this article. So, on that day, as we chatted about various things around hearing God and following the leading of the Spirit, he shared with us a very interesting story of his two sons. Quite young at that time, but they are “big boys” now. He shared with us how on this particular evening, he had asked his kids to go to bed at around 8pm or so, but they responded and said that God told them they should stay and watch the TV till 11pm. Though he was surprised, being a man that loves God and who wouldn’t want to stand in the way of what God wants or commands, especially in his own household, he allowed the boys to continue watching TV. Then something quite interesting happened. He told us that the moment it was around 9pm or thereabout, both boys started falling asleep right where they were seated watching TV. So, he woke them up to continue watching until 11pm, since thats what God told them to do. They sat up, but obviously, the young lads could not keep their eyes open for another second. He knew what the game was, so he deliberately tried to keep them awake. But they just could not keep their eyes open. At some point, the two young boys had to confess that they were not so sure if it was God that told them to watch TV till 11pm. He allowed them to go to bed after they apologized or so.

Inasmuch as it’s a very interesting story of two young lads in their attempt to navigate the path of hearing God and staying true to what He said, or which they assume He said, it was also a major lesson for anyone who really cares to learn the lesson. Now, I am not saying that God did not speak to them about watching TV till 11pm and neither am I saying He did. Because the issue may be that He actually spoke to them, but they did not have the inner strength to stay awake to manifest what He said. It just could be anything really.

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Now here is the thing. How many times have we said God said we should do such and such thing or go to so and so place, even when it may not be true He did. Next, how many times have we used the name of God just to have our way with someone or in a situation? Another, how many times have we genuinely said that we are sorry for our assumptions when we later realized that we were actually doing our own thing? The answers to these questions are definitely according to each person’s dealings with God, so I won’t give my opinion.

We are living in a world where “spirituality” or Bible quoting has become the norm for doing things that are both unworthy of God and what true spirituality means. People now lie and deceive others in the name of God, in order to have their way and pleasure, and then still walk tall with all pride like all is cool. I watched a video recently of a pastor shaving a woman’s pubic hair right in the front of the church, while still making prophecies. I am sure he definitely believes he is hearing God, or whatever else he is listening to for him to do that, but in my view, the act is as foolish as the man who says it’s God that asked him to do it. It is not consistent with God to do such a thing.

Politicians are now parading themselves everywhere using the name of God to gather votes and support from the people. But how many of such politicians go to God in the first place to know if they were supposed to contest for any position as per God’s will for them? I believe not many. My point is this, it is convenient and it suits the pleasures of men to talk about God, but it becomes an issue if you ask them if God really said what they are claiming He said.

But here is the dark side of things. There is a command not to take the name of the Lord in vain, which is a punishable offence before God. And of course, of what use is using God to cover up for that which is not really what it is?

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