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The Power of Our Collective Voices


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The Power of Our Collective Voices

Being voiceless…

Those who used to rule our world pulled another compelling trick….

First they got people to believe their voice didn’t matter then slowly watched as the voices fell silent because their owners started to believe there was no point saying anything.

It was an enormous lie. Each voice is like a roar in the fabric of our universes. By staying silent , the crooks who ran our world got US to do THEIR job for THEM by our silence, and  talking mostly trivia or in muted, cryptic terms.

That’s why we all have to speak up. If we don’t, the former rulers lies become our worldwide truth – Tet Kofi

The words of Tet Kofi, a Ghanaian and former BBC broadcaster in the UK, resonate with the thoughts I have been having lately about 2024 going forward to 2030 and how Africans must come together in collaborations and get their voices heard globally.

There is a whole lot to fight for in this season, and the liberation of Africa from the various setbacks holding her must be at the forefront of those who care about her.

However, concerning the fight for Africa’s true liberation from foreign and local oppressions, I think the days of lone voices in the wilderness are over. The world has become too complicated and way off-track that single voices can no longer carry the power and energy required to “offset the balance”. We now need a critical mass and this critical mass can only work with accurate and selfless collaborations.

Take, for example, the things that happened during the Covid era.

Imagine if the President of Madagascar was supported by the other African leaders, his country’s COVID-19 medicine, which was created and even used locally in Madagascar against the disease, would not have been shut down by the falsehood called WHO, which claimed that no official test to determine the efficacy of the medicine. Same with the late President Magufuli of Tanzania. If he had support from the other African leaders about the falsehood of the COVID-19 test, he wouldn’t have been murdered the way he was.

Africa is in a lot of mess right now, and our so-called leaders all seem to be in some trance or spell, so they cannot speak or act even though they see what is going on. What must we do? Collaborate. Get more voices and hands to put in place that are inevitable for the season and the seasons that are coming.

There are things that the government of any African country cannot do for their people, either because they have some allegiance with some faceless organizations outside the continent or because their stomach policies control them. Either way, Africans must now learn to create spaces and platforms for themselves from where their voices and hands come together to make the changes that we seek on the continent.

Thank you, Tet Kofi, for this timely reminder.

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