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Promoting Tourism from Cape to Cairo


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Promoting Tourism from Cape to Cairo

UN Tourism is always up and about when it comes to matters of promoting Africa and unlocking its tourism sector’s growth potential. This works in favor of our continent because we have managed to make brand Africa a force to be reckoned with. Interestingly, UN Tourism made Zimbabwe the biggest brand ambassador because the cover page used for the initiative had our majestic waterfall. Thus, Victoria Falls is a brand that will potently sell Africa for Wakanda because it is a natural wonder of the world. Moreover, it is among the ten best destinations that you can visit in Africa this year.

The Batoka Gorge is roughly twice as deep and wide as Niagara Falls and it straddles between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Next to us in this southern region, we have the Rainbow Nation of South Africa, which harbors the Kruger National Park and Capetown which is a gateway to the Robben Islands.

With an aerial view of the Table Mountains, one can do some trekking through the Cape of Good Hope. Botswana is a noteworthy destination that has a strong focus on safari conservation whereas Malawi will blow you away with the world’s deepest lake.

Then we move on to Serengeti National Park in Tanzania which offers an African Savanna experience. Truth is, June and October are the ideal time to visit for the great migration. The country also has the Ngorongoro Conservation Area which boasts of the tallest mountain in Africa,  Mt Kilimanjaro.

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Lest we forget Zanzibar which has beautiful white sand beaches like Malemwe and Kiwenga. Accordingly, the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya is a protected area of 373,000-plus acres of grassland. For a capital city, Nairobi offers urban pursuits in the form of museums and it has a thriving nightlife. Practically visiting Cairo in Egypt has its benefits because you will tour the Pyramid of Giza and also cruise along the Nile River. When you reach this point there is no going back, you have to visit Marrakech in Morocco to comb the numerous bazaars in the alleyways and climb your way to the rooftop bar. No footloose will ever get enough of Africa and we expect tourists to pass through Seychelles with its group of one hundred and fifteen Islands in the Indian Ocean. Need I mention, the luxe beach resorts of Mauritius and Madagascar which is the home of a hundred species of the signature animal Lemur. In regards to UN Tourism, it is evident enough that this is a worthwhile package that binds us with our sister countries. United we stand and divided we fall that is this approach will bring the best out of Africa. Ostensibly, nothing will beat the enthralling transfrontier parks, the big five package, the natives, and also the favorable weather conditions. Our continent has arrived and we are ready to make a statement.

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