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On the 14th of March YouTube took down one of our videos which is available HERE on our video website. We shared that video about three years ago, warning Africans about the mysterious ingredients that are found in vaccines and the ulterior motives for the creation of vaccines. So, they took it down and accused us of sharing medical misinformation which they say is against their policy. The timeline they highlighted in the video is minute 17:49.

In that particular timeline that prompted them to remove the video, we had talked about the presence of aborted human fetal cell lines in vaccines. This is information that is well-known in the global medical fraternity and is available on the FDA and CDC websites.

It’s not really like we are surprised at what YouTube did, they have done it several times, it’s just tedious dealing with these things sometimes.

Anyway, we prepared a video to explain to everyone that our video had been taken down and then took time to go to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website to back the content we had shared in our original video using information on the website that outlines the key ingredients in vaccines – specifically WI-38 and MRC-5 (not any of the rest), of which we were highlighting the use of aborted fetal cell lines which is official knowledge held in the public domain. You can find the document at this LINK.

We scheduled that video to premiere at 6 pm on the 17th of March but less than one hour later, before anyone got to watch the video, YouTube took it down and this time they gave us a strike saying that we could not upload, post, or live-stream for one week. That strike will be in the system for 90 days and there are penalties against the channel if we get any more strikes – the third one resulting in the channel being removed from YouTube. The same medical misinformation was the reason they gave. And according to the timeline they shared with us, for which the video was removed, they removed the video because we shared that WI-38 and MRC-5 which are some of the ingredients in vaccines according to the CDC, are aborted human fetal cell lines. According to Google, both WI-38 and MRC-5 are human fetal lung strains harvested from aborted babies. You can research that for yourself. So, the question is, between us and YouTube, who is sharing medical misinformation or let me say disinformation? You be the judge.

We are making arrangements for you to have access to the deleted video on our website.

Pay attention

Here is a question I want to ask, during COVID-19, why did Europe and the Western world refuse to give the African Union CDC access to the protocols that contain the ingredients used in making the COVID-19 vaccines that were sent to Africa? Why hide such important protocol if truly the vaccines were for global health as they claimed? We need to wake up people.

Where we are right now globally, if you are paying close enough attention, you will realize that many things are taking new definitions and a close look at the new definitions will show you clearly where the globalist agenda is going. For instance, a terrorist is not necessarily someone who kills or bombs others, but whoever stands in the way of the interests of the West. A dictator is now any leader who decides not to follow the dictates of the West and being male or female is determined by whatever choice a person wakes up and makes in the morning. So, basically, a man can decide in the morning that he feels that he is a female and then go ahead to become one.

So, covertly speaking, when YouTube took down two of our videos that contained health information and then accused us of medical misinformation, what they actually meant was that we are sharing with the world health or medical information that they want to keep secret from the world. It’s as simple as that. This is not to mean that there are no genuine concerns about medical misinformation and its effects, but the question is, who decides what is medical misinformation? It should not be YouTube or any other social media platform, but the various individuals and organizations that are working in the global health sector – including independent bodies that are free from the influence of the globalist ‘elites’. The CDC and FDA website, from where we got the information about the presence of aborted human fetal cell lines in vaccines are public health domains and they proved that what we said is true.

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My African people, we must wake up and learn to read between the lines of every popular narrative thrown at us. Nothing is written in black and white and that’s the reality on the ground. As Africans, we must be those who go hunting after truth and accurate knowledge.

Our leaders have proven beyond doubt that they are not always reliable when it comes to our collective interests and we as a people must be able to look beyond them and create solutions that work for us. The world is fast going towards the grand tipping point of Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030, where the freedom of the citizens of the world will be massively regulated by faceless globalists who think they own everyone.

The time to do what must be done is now. 2030 is a landmark year, so be prepared.


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