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Global Food Crisis and the Weaponization of Food


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Global Food Crisis and the Weaponization of Food

Food is life and he who controls it controls the life of the people. As Africans, we can no longer allow foreign interests to take over our food and seed policies,  production, and distribution. Do your part, plant and eat original indigenous crops today.

I belong to a telegram group where farm produce is sold or swapped by local farmers in Kenya. It’s a very vibrant group with close to five hundred people. I am not a farmer, so I mostly just observe what people are saying or sharing about the state of farming and food production in general. It’s fun to watch people talk about various things going on in the farming sector.

One of the rules of the group is that when posting an advert or sale for any farm produce, you must indicate if it’s organically made, a hybrid, or outright inorganic. Failure to do so will make the admin delete your post. Obviously, as humans, people forget sometimes to make a clear indication of whether their farm produce is organic or not.

Now, I think about this rule and I wonder to myself how on earth we as Africans get to this tipping point where we have so much embraced the culture of death and corruption from the West that we have to make a distinction between food made with love and life and food made with death through agro-chemicals and disease spreading and environmental hazards inputs. In God’s name, why can’t food just be food like it was with our grandparents?

Well, this is not a question that seeks some carefully crafted answers. It’s a question that seeks critical thinking among Africans.

We have allowed the corporatization and the monopolization of our food sector by foreign companies that are connected to known eugenicist families to take over our food production. But we are seeing the price our people are paying, in their health, for such irresponsibility.

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We recently did and shared a video on YouTube where we talked about the various foreign companies controlling the food narrative of Africa and the world. We received a comment from one of the people who watched the video. The comment says:

“I am a farmer who traditionally raises chicken in Kenya; let me say it is hard. People really don’t know how bad the commercial broiler is bad, it is a GMO animal, pumped with drugs. they see my chicken, what we call “kienyeji”, and turn away saying it isn’t fat enough or why is it not cheap. The grain and chicken breeds I grow are traditional but people are scared because I don’t have a known commercial brand. We are good farmers out here who know what’s good for people, but they really love supermarkets. Kenyans love supermarkets because of their social status.”

One thing that stares you in the face when you read this comment is the very same thing that has bewitched our African people since the tentacles of modernity got hold of Africa. Many Africans still do not have a clue how bad and rotten is the system that runs this world. But we need to change our old and bad habits which have inhibited our abilities to see clearly and also make informed decisions about our foods.

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