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Issue 7 Jul-Aug 2020


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Issue 7 Jul-Aug 2020

The idea of Msingi Afrika Magazine started as a seed in the hearts of my husband, Samuel, and I, roughly one year and seven months ago. We were just two souls, bubbling over with ideas too powerful to be contained, because their time and season had come to go forth to the nations. How were we going to do it? We had no clue, we had no resources, we had only the power of this sprouting seed from God lodged
in our hearts, burrowing its roots deep within and forcing its tip out into the light.

And then, suddenly, God made a way for it and now… here we are celebrating our first anniversary and beginning an entirely new cycle already! Hallelujah! And thank You to God, our dearest Father, to our loving Lord Jesus and to the sweetest Holy Spirit Who kept us encouraged all through. Thank you to all of you who stood by us, contributing,
reading, sharing and supporting us in so many powerful ways. God bless you all.
What we pray this journey will say to you is this: all things are possible for him who believes the Word God speaks to Him. Afrika’s destiny depends on people like those, who are willing to stand up and fight to see the seed they have been given to birth, attain its fullest potential. Against all odds. No matter the cost. He takes care of it all.

That is the boldness of God.

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  • Regarding the Tremendous Loss of an Irreplaceable Human Being:

    I am an African American and a former teacher of the “Politics of African Independence” in the United States. I mourn, with you, the loss of this great African Leader. I followed Dr. Magufuli’s resistance to Western and Eastern influences desiring to rule the country’s politics and its natural resources. He was in the language of a contemporary, “Unbought and Unbossed”. Today, I have a heavy heart, having learned of his loss. I had planned to relocate to Tanzania this year hoping to become a citizen under his leadership. Those plans have not changed.
    Therefore, I am writing to both express my condolence-prayers and to ask how I might be of assistance in the nation’s quest to keep his dream and accomplishments alive.
    I am Carole Hall Detroit, Michigan USA

    • Good day and thank you for sharing this with us. We are grateful.
      What I would say is possibly you can find positive ways to use your skills in transferring knowledge to help people understand how to keep his work and efforts alive. Maybe start an online class which you can make a physical class later when on the ground? What do you think?

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