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Can’t You See I’m Trying To Save You????


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Can’t You See I’m Trying To Save You????

Covid-19 and the Excuses for Inhumanness

In Kenya, violent beatings and killings involving the police over Covid 19 protocol enforcements have been taking place since the beginning of the pandemic. Brutal enforcements were first implemented at the start of lock-downs in 2020 in the country, leaving many shocked and horrified by the treatment they met at the hands of the government.

In the month of May 2021, a 36-year-old man in Nairobi County was arrested by police and later found dead. Residents of the area he lived in said that the police beat him to death.

More recently two young brothers from Embu County, aged 22 and 19 years old, who were taken into police custody in connection with a breech of Covid curfew regulations were found dead. After claiming that the boys had jumped out of a moving police vehicle, it was later discovered that they had been beaten to death, and six officers were arrested in connection with their murders. A local resident said that the police only visit the area on Fridays and that they ‘should not treat Covid and the curfew as a source of business.’

The Kenyan Interior Permanent Secretary, when asked about whether the police abuse their power in enforcing the Covid 19 protocols had this to say, “I’m just telling you that it starts by ‘are we responsible enough ourselves’? Do you just want to break the law to test the perseverance of police? Because, the Covid pandemic is not about police, Covid pandemic is about us as a people, and I don’t want us to take (the) simple excuse of not obeying the Covid restriction(s) because of police. We have a responsibility as individuals to ensure when the government says the curfew starts at 10, please be home at 10.  Let’s stop scapegoating the police. The police could have their own weaknesses, but they are not the problem. The problem is us who cannot obey basic things like be home at 10.”

Not long after this, a 38-year-old man in Nairobi was said to have been killed by police during curfew enforcement. He had rushed home on a boda boda (commercial bike) to try to beat the curfew and was violently assaulted when he got off the motorbike, later succumbing to his injuries.

Thinking is important, especially now.

I’m not highlighting these issues in order to single out Kenya. Kenya is far from being alone in Covidic weirdness. In Australia, in 2020 police dragged a man away with his 7-year-old child, arresting him for not wearing a mask even though he has a doctor’s exemption allowing him not to. In France, police are blocking people from being able to purchase food in the supermarket because they refuse to show their papers indicating their vaccine or test status. In America, patients on the organ transplant list are being removed from the list because they refuse the Covid vaccine – despite medical advice from their doctors that they should not take it. In Singapore, a British man was put in jail for 6 weeks because of not wearing a mask and recommended for psychiatric care. A doctor in the UK is to be brought before the General Medical Council for advising people to do their own research before blindly trusting in experimental vaccines. In Canada, the Prime Minister has threatened those who do not have a medical reason and choose not to get vaccinated that there will be consequences. In the US, students are being forced to get vaccinated or show proof of vaccination in order to access facilities such as Wi-Fi and dormitories. Iceland ordered the vaccination of women over 12 weeks pregnant, sparking protests. Romanian police arrested a man for not wearing a face mask. German police manhandled and arrested an elderly woman for protesting for her rights against the government’s protocols. Belgian police used violent force against a family whose neighbors reported them for violating the Covid lockdown when their daughter invited friends over. The police entered the family home using force and then attacked, handcuffed and beat the mother for filming them, she suffered multiple fractures. They also cuffed and beat her husband. All this in front of their children. Then accused the family of starting the violence.

There are more stories to share, more that can be and have been unearthed from across Afrika as well. Such is the Cov-insanity that has been visited upon the world… for our own ‘protection and safety’.

Something I have asked before is, do enforcers ever consider that the people they are oppressing are actually people who think? For the families and friends of those killed, or for those beaten up, threatened, bribed, denied access to critical care, basic needs, or otherwise mistreated, there can be no positive correlation between the safety and protection that the government says they are providing, and the violent mistreatment and even death they or their families are meeting at the hands of enforcers for failing to comply with their regulations. The nonchalance with which the violence of the police is brushed off and the blame laid at the victims’ feet makes it worse. Of a certainty, at least in Kenya, like the person who was interviewed said, protocol enforcements have become a business for the enforcers. Bribes are coerced from people who simply forgot to put their masks on or who are running a few minutes late – which makes a lie of the claim of public safety. I know of one incident where the police stopped an individual who had forgotten to wear his mask and when he went to put it on, they told him not to and proceeded to ask him for a bribe. If they were so concerned about his safety (if masks really offered protection against Covid) wouldn’t they first have asked him to protect them from the virus by masking up and then gone on with the next stage of their interactions with him? Secondly, a bribe? Clearly, it’s not about safety or compassionate concern for ‘the people’ as the PS said, but it’s a self-centered push to enrich themselves at the expense of the citizens. Yet again. Oh, and did you know that the emerging Covid millionaires through tenders are not an exclusively Kenyan or Afrikan syndrome? Covid business around the world has been brisk and extremely satisfying for those who have been allowed to partake.

Back to the enforcement of protocols, it’s a funny situation in Kenya in particular because the curfew hours run from 10pm to 4am. Between 4am and 10pm each day, Kenyans are interacting with each other in the market, at work, on the street, in public transport, in sporting activities, at home in family gatherings and on and on. Visit any town, any crowded shopping center and you will be amazed by the amount of interaction taking place sans protocols. Based on many of the photographs and news clips we see of politicians interacting… well, let’s just say the example set is not so great. However, in Kenya at 10pm, based on the killings, coercion and other treatment, surely the virus gains much more potency and poses a much greater threat so as to deserve such a strong response from the authorities. No?

But then again, there is much about the Covid situation around the world that has not made a single bit of sense, from the very beginning, as we keep pointing out. First, the numbers of so-called infected are weird, because the PCR test (which the CDC is abandoning) produces false positives in 95% of well people – the so-called case numbers. Secondly, empty coffins have been turning up and numbers of deaths cooked across the world. However, if there really was a global crisis that everyone was so concerned about protecting billions of people from, then wouldn’t every effort have been made to unearth the truth about its origin so as to quickly learn more about the virus and ways to deal with it – in addition to dealing with those who created it? If there were a real crisis, wouldn’t every single possible solution available have been considered with all seriousness instead of censoring genuine medical practitioners who wanted to help stop the spread of the disease?

Do enforcers ever consider that the people they are oppressing are actually people who think?

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Wouldn’t safer and more trusted treatments have been deployed to handle the situation, instead of insisting on what are proving to be deadly experimental ‘vaccines’? The numbers on VAERS (US) and YellowCard (UK) alone indicate deaths in numbers that would have stopped any other vaccine trial many times over and a long, long time ago – and even though the vaccines have proven to have deadly side-effects and to be less effective against the so-called Delta variant and to demonstrate reduced ‘protection’ over time – and despite the fact that pro-vaccine scientists recommend against vaccination during a pandemic because of the effect of causing variants – and despite the fact that the mRNA inventor advises against the use of those types of shots… regulators around the world chant in unison, as though mesmerized, that not only are they pushing ahead with the program, but also that they are now encouraging booster shots and shots for children who are the group least at risk of death from Covid. Not to mention the cases of death in Afrika that are being hidden from view forcing those ‘being protected’ and who are aware of these unreported deaths to the realization that not only is their government not on their side, but that they need to keep their heads down and be seen to tow the line, or else.

Surely, existing approved pharmaceutical medication (for those who abhor the thought of traditional medicine which is an approved primary healthcare method according to the WHO – and we know there are those who have the cure out there) that have been in the market for years, to the point where they have cost-effective generic alternatives that would radically drop the cost of treatment and even introduce a prophylactic aspect to the so-called fight against Covid would have been embraced? Preventing needless deaths from people who were told to wait at home until it was too late for these interventions to work. Especially considering that insurance companies are not covering the cost of treatment and many are being forced to dip into their savings or to borrow in order to be able to cover the exorbitant costs associated with current approved protocols. Surely, if the governments of the world and the WHO and the rest were so keen on the survival of all mankind, they would have ensured that Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine got a closer look when Dr Stella Immanuel and the rest of the doctors in her group brought it up and talked about the successes, they were having with it in early treatment of Covid – instead of humiliating and shaming them and painting them all as hacks, liars and even worse, people who were trying to destroy the human race.

These are questions we have been asking since 2020, not necessarily for the regulators, because they have shown their hand very clearly, but more so for you to think about. What cause would the governments of the world have for preventing their citizens from access to low-cost, effective prophylaxis and treatment for a disease that they say is so deadly that your entire life has been put on hold, that your relationships have been impacted negatively, that your earning potential has been under threat for over a year now, that your freedom has been taken away? Or, maybe what they say is true… They’re simply trying to save you.

Oh, and by the way, have you looked into the sales performance of both Pfizer and Moderna lately?

Thinking is important, especially right now.

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