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The Peter Obi Movement: Political or Spiritual?


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The Peter Obi Movement: Political or Spiritual?

For a while now, there have been various interesting things going on in Nigeria, especially as the country moves towards the 2023 general elections. Recently, a major socio-political movement started which has somehow created a very defined and interesting shift of mindset of Nigerians towards a renewed interest in the way they want the government set up going forward. Interestingly, just like the EndSARS movement that rocked Nigeria in October 2020, where the youths went public and started agitating for a better Nigeria from their government, this new movement is taking a similar shape of its own and seems to be directed by an unseen but mighty hand towards what the Nigerian people have always wanted, that is, a better Nigeria based on better and responsible leadership. This movement really does not have a particular name but more people are using the Peter Obi movement or the OBIdient movement to capture it. But before I go further into this article, let me say very emphatically that, this article is neither a prophecy about who is going to win the 2023 presidential elections in Nigeria nor is it a campaign for Peter Obi or anyone. It is me putting flesh to the promptings of the Spirit of God and the direction I am persuaded that God is going concerning the nation of Nigeria.

Now, for those who may not be familiar with who Peter Obi is, he is a former governor of Anambra state, a state in the South East part of Nigeria. He was governor of that state for two terms of four years each and now he is contesting for the position of the president in the next general elections of 2023. There are two major parties that have ruled Nigeria for the past couple of decades, that is, the PDP (People’s Democratic Party) and the APC (All Progressives Congress). There are other parties gunning for the coveted position of the presidency, and then you have the party called Labor Party (LP) whose presidential flag bearer is Mr. Peter Obi. Now, the Labor Party has always been around, but it was not very popular until Peter Obi resigned from PDP and joined the Labor Party. His joining the Labor Party was like a tsunami that hit the Nigerian people and suddenly, social media, local mainstream media, the streets, homes, churches, business places etc., all are caught up in this amazing movement that represents the Peter Obi presidential movement. Suddenly, it seems hope was restored in the hearts of young Nigerians when Peter Obi won the Labor Party primaries to run for the presidency. In a country where the price of fuel is at its all-time highest, dollar exchange is at its worst, the price of food has ballooned and insecurity is cutting off the lives of innocent Nigerians every now and then, it was like someone turned on a switch in the hearts of Nigerians, both home and abroad, and everyone suddenly realized that Nigeria can be better and that the major parties that have been ruling the nation for more than twenty years have nothing to show for their administrations. For once in the latest history of Nigeria, popular Nigerian celebrities both in the music and movie industries, all started mobilizing their fan bases for the Peter Obi or the OBIdient movement and it’s so beautiful to watch what is going on all across Nigeria. Music artistes are doing free concerts where the only ticket you need is to show you have a PVC (Permanent Voters Card) instead of the usual ticket. Pastors of mega churches in Nigeria are donating their church auditoriums for the registration of voters, while making sermons that point to their heart’s desire to see Peter Obi become the president of Nigeria. It is on record now that there has not been a time in the history of Nigeria, other than now, that more Nigerian youths of voting age are registering to vote in the coming elections. Hope seems to have come alive again on the streets of Nigeria. Now the question is, is this Peter Obi movement a political movement or a spiritual one? Let’s see what will come up as answer.

I saw a Facebook post a short while ago about this same OBIdient movement and the person asked “WHO EVEN STARTED THIS OBIDIENT MOVEMENT OF A THING? WHY ARE YOU GUYS MAKING IT LOOKS AS IF HE’S (Peter Obi I guess) AN INNOCENT EMPEROR? HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE VOTERS CARDS?” I commented on the post as I was prompted to do. I said:

“Movements are never started by people; they are often times spiritual. It’s like when the Bible speaks of the seven trumpets in Revelation. You will think they are going to be some kind of physical sound you hear in the sky, but no. It’s not. They are sounded in the spirit by spirits/angels but their effects are felt on the earth. Same way, when you begin to see a mass movement of people or a nation towards a new direction or idea, its either some negative spiritual forces have casted a spell in the atmosphere or God Himself has started it. Now I am not saying Peter Obi is a saint, neither am I campaigning for him. But when you begin to see even people in the village without steady power or even internet pick up the “Obedient Movement” like as if they knew Peter Obi from somewhere, like its already happening everywhere in Nigeria, then know that it is a spiritual movement that is taking the people to a new direction and a new idea. So, if you Mr Mayor are pushing for Atiku, not because God told you so, but because of personal gains, then you bro, are in a very wrong direction and God help you, if you don’t correct that direction on time. May God’s will be done in Nigeria and every part of Afrika.”

Now, the guy that made the post is a staunch supporter of Atiku Abubakar, who is the presidential flag bearer for PDP. And interestingly, the guy has not responded to my comment, and yet it is not his usual style not to respond to things that challenge his position. However, for me, my comment on his post suddenly began to create a new direction of thoughts and revelations in my heart, which is really why I wrote this article.

Thoughts began to form in my heart about the names Peter and Obi and what spiritual season Nigeria may be in from God but which is projected like it’s a political thing. I thought about the name Peter which means “Stone or Rock” and then I thought about the name Obi which according to Google is translated in this line: “An obi is the central building in an Igbo homestead, one used most commonly as a place for the reception of guests. As such, it can also be looked at symbolically as a metaphor for the most important part, or heart, of any given place.”

Now, in the words of Jesus to Peter when He told Peter that upon his belief in Him as Christ (rock and foundation), He would build His church (which is His heart on earth), we begin to see a spiritual movement taking shape around the name Peter Obi beyond what a political movement can do. Could it be that a prophecy is about to manifest in Nigeria? Could there be something that God is doing mightily in Nigeria which He wants to manifest for all to see that not by power or might or by political affiliation, positions of leadership are given in a nation? I am as curious as you are.

There is a prophecy that was given in 1981 or so, by a missionary who came to Nigeria, named Pa Sydney Grandville Elton. In his words, he said “Nigeria and Nigerians will be known all over the world for corruption. Your name – Nigeria will stink for corruption but after a while, a new phase will come – a phase of righteousness. People from the nations of the earth will hold a Nigerian and say, ‘We want to follow you to your nation to go and learn righteousness’ “ Anyone paying good attention will know that this prophecy has come to pass in ways that no one can argue, but the thing is, it is the first part of the prophecy that Nigerians all over the world have been dealing with, and it’s time for the second part to now be fulfilled. On August 22, 2018, my brother, Ametu, posted a word of prophecy about Nigeria on his Facebook page. It says From the grave of darkness to the mountain of sunshine, I see Nigeria rise above the nations of the world. The angle land bowed and the capitalist nation became a ruin. I see the pauper soon become the prince then the prince is now the pauper. Nigeria shall not be glorified because of her oilfields and mines of mineral resources neither would she be renown for technology and scientific economic discoveries but because of God in her midst.

Heaven is coming down to her and the heart of God shall make her the center and hub of the world. People of all nations shall come thronging to her with gifts and offerings and she shall be well spoken of because the LORD IS THERE. In those days, all the nations of the world shall pay tithe to her of their resources and sweat graciously given to them by God’s permission. This Nigeria shall be called by a new name: she shall no more be known for corruption but for the universal glory of God.

It pleased the LORD to glorify her because He chastised her with reproach at first and delighted to glorify her in the end. This amazing end shall suddenly come upon Nigeria and it shall be a fantastic dream in a time very soon to come. The Spirit of heaven is coming to earth to abide forever.” (I intentionally boldened the part which speaks of the heart or the OBI).

Here are my thoughts

Nigeria, both as a country and as a nation of people, has given much to the world from time immemorial. It remains the fact that no Afrikan nation has given to both Afrika and the world more global citizens than Nigeria. Nigerians are top players in every sector of humanity and modernity all across the globe where they find themselves. Some of the most popular music you hear in gospel and secular genres are from Nigerians. Some of the greatest combat athletes across the globe are Nigerians. You cannot talk about the area of academics, literature, science, technology, innovation and any other sector without mentioning Nigerians. But with all these amazing things going on for Nigerians globally, you will be surprised how the nations of the world, however, perceive Nigerians. If you as a Nigerian has never travelled outside of Nigeria, you will not have seen how condescendingly Nigerians are treated at the borders and inside other countries. And that includes even countries in Afrika. In fact, the Nigerian passport seems to trigger the wicked and biased hearts of some immigration officers. It’s like to them, every Nigerian is either a potential criminal coming to their country to commit a crime, or a homeless idiot who is looking for another country to “escape” to from Nigeria. Some people just hate you for being a Nigerian. And most sincerely, almost for no reason. I can talk about it boldly because I have experienced it too here in Kenya where I live. And I am also not excusing those who have been soiling the name Nigeria with their criminality across the globe. My take on that aspect is very straightforward, if they are caught committing a crime and the court judges that what they did was a crime, then they are criminals and should be dealt with by the law of the land where they committed the crime.

But how did the situation come to be like this, in which every Nigerian seems to be paying for the sins of the few? Could it be that the very prophecies that spoke of the season where Nigerians and the name Nigeria will stink before men, was what has been happening? Yes, it is. But now that the days of the “stinky Nigeria” have done their rounds, should the days of the righteous Nigeria not also manifest? Absolutely, they must! Should Nigeria not enter her time of glory and righteousness after going through decades of shame, disgrace, corruption and abuse from the nations of the world? She has no choice but to enter, for the God who gave her the shame in corruption is also very able to give her the fame in righteousness. But why was Nigeria given such a task to bear you may ask?

See Also

First, outside of Nigerians, which citizens of any country in the entire Afrika will look into your eyes and tell you “Even if I have to die, I will die getting this thing done”? You don’t have to believe it, but a people with such a cultural mindset of boldness and self-confidence, are often times the kind of people God looks for to do the weirdest assignment for Him. Secondly, from the same Pa Elton, there was a prophecy that shows that Afrika is like the shape of a gun and that Nigeria is the trigger of that gun analogy. Meaning that for Afrika to manifest some things before God, Nigeria has to trigger it first. But have you taken time to visualize what happens to triggers? They are always pulled back for others to move forward. Or in the case of trigger buttons, they are pushed down to activate the action. Is this what has been happening to Nigeria? Yes. She has been the trigger for most things in Afrika and because of that, she has done the job of being the one pushed down or pulled back for others to move forward. But the time has now come for her to also enjoy the fruit of her good labor and that’s where the Peter Obi movement comes in, but not as a political movement or campaign for the man named Peter Obi, but as a spiritual movement that seeks to deal with the heart (Obi) and foundation (Peter) of the Nigerian people. Meaning that, even if Peter Obi loses the election in 2023, the spiritual movement to deal with the heart and foundation of Nigeria that God has come to deal with and also work on, cannot be stopped. For it is already past forty years after the first prophecy by Pa Elton and we all know that, after forty years, a people should be free to come out of their wilderness, and that time has come for Nigeria.

What now?

Nigeria has come to the place where she must now be manifested in the glory of God, as she has done her “assignment”, but Nigerians must not stop praying for the nation and while they do that, they should get their voters cards too. There are people behind dark veils, both within and outside Nigeria, who do not want Nigeria to be liberated and empowered to do great things. And there are those who think their tribe or region are the “divine” custodians of the nation of Nigeria. So, they are ready to cause mayhem when things begin to change for Nigeria or when someone who does not agree with their wicked ideology comes to power. So, we have to pray but also vote.

The fact remains that, for a better Nigeria to emerge out of the mess that has been seen for decades now, the people that have caused all the setbacks in Nigeria through compromised leadership and anti-Nigerian policies must be voted out. They like to talk big words but have no antecedent of good character to back their words up. So, you can know them easily by the things they say but which they have no record of doing. Avoid them like the plagues which they have been for decades against the Nigerian people. Corruption, killings, police brutality, economic hardship, terrorism, bribery, university strikes, high cost of food, epileptic power supply and the things that have plagued Nigeria, are all in place because of those who have lost the moral and political will to deal with these problems, while holding positions in government. So, when you hear them say it’s their turn to rule Nigeria as if the lives of almost two hundred million souls are their father’s inheritance passed down to them to own and control, run away from them. They are soulless humans and their priorities are very warped toward their dark and hidden agendas. Or when you hear them talk big words on tv about how good a president they can make, but delete a just tweet because they will be punished by their faceless brotherhood, then know that you are dealing with a man who is controlled from a hidden and dark central place. Run from him. You must protect your future and the future of your children. For if a man cannot defend a tweet that speaks against the evil in his religion, how can he defend Nigerians that God wants to raise for His glory in this end of the age? And for those young people, either celebrities or whatever else you are, who are rooting for these old and biased men, you have the right to do so, but also know that the movement to change Nigeria is not a decision from Peter Obi or any other person out there. It is the decision of God almighty and anyone who decides to stand in the way of that change will be crushed by it.

Nigeria has had enough of the pain from the foundation of her name that is tied to darkness, to the corruption she has been subjected to in the past decades, she now needs to walk in light and be blessed by it. Let’s make it swift by doing the right thing in the coming elections. One more thing, before you cast your vote or votes, please look at the antecedents of each one of the candidates that are queuing for positions. If they were thieves and breakers of the law as senators, state governors, house of reps members, cabinet ministers or any other political positions they held and now they seek to be president or a higher political position than the one they held before, do not believe them. Why? First, the leopard does not change its spots. Even if he wants to, he just cannot. It’s part of its make-up. Secondly, as president or as any high position, they have more immunity, so you cannot prosecute them for corruption once they are on that seat. Thirdly, I do not think there is any Nigerian anywhere who has another four years or eight years to waste under mindless and soulless leaders. We must vote for those with true intentions backed up by real and attainable plans for how to build a new Nigeria. We must re-imagine Nigeria from a new and progressive perspective. This movement is not one that is just to bring in a new administration to power, it is the one that is meant to birth a new Nigeria if done accurately and from the place of good vision. I have written before about the birthing of a new Nigeria, and I believe the time has come for that to happen. It is time for Nigeria to rise up to her place and the power to do that lies with every Nigerian.

God bless Nigeria and everyone that blesses her.

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