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What happens to a man that gets diagnosed with tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, diabetes or most recently, COVID? The immediate thought that comes to mind is doom – that there is no solution to some of these pandemics, ailments and or sicknesses. All these ailments have been declared disasters with patients having to, in some cases, spend the rest of their lives on pills and injections. So the human race is doomed to sickness unless they take cosmopolitan medicine that is supposed to become a part of their daily habits till God-knows-when.

Medicine is a field that has presented numerous grounds of contention as an argument is presented in the sense of “what makes good medicine”, and “who decides what medicine is good and for who?”

A simple search of “what makes good medicine” on Google shows results from Unimed Living stating that good medicine is more than the medical or healthcare system, seeing a great doctor or physician, taking a prescription, having surgery or getting treatment for your body. “Good medicine is about You caring for You in every moment of every day by making choices that allow you and your body to be vital, healthy and harmonious”.

So, if good medicine is beyond what we have all been oriented to think is the most ideal, what lies between the perceived reality, and reality itself?

Healing Before Cosmopolitan Medicine

Cosmopolitan medicine is a term that means bio-medicine is the only type of healing that transcends local contexts. Interestingly, cosmopolitan medicine is only a new arrival on the scene, with traditional medicine being as old as the human species itself.

The African has relied on traditional medicine for as long as he has been around. Traditional herbs saved the lives of millions of Africans since pre-historic times. No ailment was insurmountable, with local herbalists knowing the exact herb for every specific ailment. Local healers known as mganga in kiSwahili or n’anga in Shona were the custodians of the health of society.

The ancient society thrived on a healthy diet, natural drinks for thirst, natural food and fruits for eating and natural herbs for ailments. The society was healthy from non-GMO food that it produced for itself. The common denominator in the health ecosystem of the ancient African society was its ability to rely on natural plants. Apart from the raw materials that go to form our variety of foods, the most important plant products are medicines, cosmetic and flavor products, as well as other pharmaceuticals, (Sofowora, 1996).

This healthy society with medicine suited to its needs, was to be interrupted by colonialism beginning mid 19th century into the early 20th century. And like the imperialist had designed, the native African was forbidden from using the medicine he had known since all civilization. So with colonialism came a range of new pharmaceuticals that were supposed to replace the “barbaric ways of traditional healing that were equals to witchcraft”.

What Is Drug Addiction?

Now with a new ‘civilization’ introduced, one would expect that things change for the better. But alas, things seem to always go south. Those so called effective and expensively manufactured drugs in our hospitals are addictive, causing countless irreversible adverse effects that can cost for a lifetime, that is, anti-psychotics which can cause degeneration of the neuronal tissue that is fundamental for the transportation of nerve impulses to and from the brain, henceforth, inability of the brain to coordinate various mechanisms in the body for homeostasis. The mere result of this therapy is speeding up death rather than averting it.

Taking a look at chemotherapy, regardless of it being a scavenger of tumour cells, patients die mostly of the side effects rather than the cancer itself. How can a patient survive after all the stem cells in the bone marrow have been wiped out? They talk of allogeneic bone marrow transplantation, how many patients have been successfully treated using it? In the name of therapy, patients are going through a death sentence!

Hypertension, a very common disease in an African setting – a lot of drugs are prescribed but none of them is capable of curing the disease. Instead of monitoring the patient’s diet religiously, they prefer drugs in the name of therapy. These drugs end up acting on the other mechanisms in the body. The drugs act through vasodilation (widening) of blood vessels, which reduces high blood pressure while promoting lamina flow of blood henceforth preventing formation of thrombi which might clog the blood vessels especially the veins which might cause cardiac arrhythmia.

Moreover, the drugs have been shown to cause erectile dysfunction in males. This leads to impotence which causes infertility. Taking into consideration the African society, people tend not to look for medical attention especially that of the pelvic region and they end up presenting at the hospital or clinic when it is already late and irreversible. What good then have they done by adding infertility on top of hypertension? Or is it intentional – another connivance for depopulation agenda?

Why are patients getting prescribed medications that do not treat them? Palliative care in cancer treatment prescribes drugs even as they know that in the next 6 months, the patient will be gone. Is there someone compelling medical practitioners to promote their pharmaceutical industry through recommending drugs? If addiction entails an over-reliance and dependence on a certain commodity, then the allopathic drug industry, making lifelong prescriptions, has created more drug addicts than drug and substance abuse has.

Who Killed Dr. Sebi?

This so-called civilization led by Anglo American interests overriding all spaces of interests in the world, is anti-truth. Truth sets free, and freedom is the antithesis of slavery. You get the contradiction? If the African is supposed to remain enslaved to consumerism, medical imperialism and many other forms of bondage, then they are not supposed to know that they are in fact, in bondage. Them that speak the truth of the exploitation of races through the flawed cosmopolitan medicine system are silenced – in whichever way best or worst suited.

I will add my voice to the story of Dr. Sebi of Honduras. This medicine practitioner who traveled the world trying to promote healing through natural herbs, was of African descent. He insisted that there was no single ailment on this earth that could not be healed through use of natural herbs – true to the native African medical knowledge, and his success was unmatched. Dr. Sebi practiced medicine without using the so called conventional means and so treated great people of the time who include Michael Jackson.

As the popularity of this African in American space grew by the day, and he would utilise audiovisual media to tell his story of insistence – that no ailment could not be treated using natural herbs. To cut the story short – Dr. Sebi upset the ‘conventional system’ by his popularity and gospel against the pharmaceutical industry. They claimed fraud charges on him and he got arrested to only develop pneumonia and die in custody. Who killed Dr. Sebi?  

They Are After Us, They Will Be After Us!

See Also

On the 18th of November 2022, I published on my Youtube channel, a video interview I did with Dr. K. Chivizhe, a natural therapeutic practitioner in Zimbabwe. In this interview, Dr. Chivizhe noted, “There are a lot of things that have been fractured in our history. Africans were taken into slavery, they were not allowed to practice their religion, they were not allowed to use their own medicine, they were condemned.

“Their methods of healing were deemed to be equivalent to witchcraft, therefore, most of our herbs that heal any disease, including these cancers can never be allowed in these conventional hospitals… they throw in academic impediments such that you will not even want to disclose what you are using for the treatment of diseases.

“For example, I treat COVID-19 using herbs and it takes about 41 minutes for the COVID virus to die; I treat Ebola, I treat HIV, but when you fill in the form that they give you, it says don’t write that you treat, you must write that you alleviate symptoms associated with the disease. Definitely we are being forced to disclose lies and this is one of the reasons the colonial masters are still on our throats. I do not believe colonialism has really ended, it has just taken new dimensions, so our trees are being stolen.

“The reason why we won’t disclose the formula of what we use in medicine is because we know what they will do. They will take these things in the lab and develop a competing allopathic drug and naturally our medicine will have no share market at all. There are hundreds of stories about natural medicine being denied the right to be practised, even in America and other places like Mexico.

“Natural medicine which lies in our trees, is also part of our heritage, but we cannot disclose this to the competing drug manufacturers because that would threaten their drug industry. Again, we must watch out, Africans, and protect our environment, protect our lakes, protect our trees, as much as we are protecting our own lives. If we do not do that, then our lives and the future will be doomed.

“If you look or read between the lines, they will never accept anyone who claims to treat COVID, they will never do that, and that should be a clarion call and a signal to say, “They are after us, and they will be after us, once we disclose that we are treating all these viruses and pandemics.”

Youtube pulled down this interview and said, “Our team has reviewed your content, and, unfortunately, we think it violates our medical misinformation policy. We’ve removed the…content from YouTube”.

A man relaying indigenous knowledge that has sustained a people since all civilization was claimed to be misinforming people. This is against the knowledge of every conscious African, who will know that the COVID vaccine only came yesterday, when the day before that, people were already getting saved from the virus through indigenous ways. Ask Andry Rajoelina.

Way Forward?

There is nothing new to be said. If the stories I have shared do not say something to you as a truth-seeker, then your redemption is far from reach.

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