About Issue 002 Sept-Oct 2019

The purpose of this issue is simple- to diffuse the Spirit of liberty over Afrika and to announce the rising of the sons of God. In this issue we share with you foundational constructs of Afrika, from before the beginning and how to make the appropriate choices and decisions needful for the true freedom of Afrika and Afrikans.

Nations are chosen, by God, to express His mind on earth, to carry out His purposes, to fulfill His will. God is very deliberate in the choices He makes as well as the reasons behind those choices.

Things you need to keep in mind are: Afrika is not a dumping ground nor is it an excavation site for the world. In the beginning, God apportioned for her a share amongst the nations greater than many. To bear the burden of suffering with Him, so that Afrika could rise in this Third Day and tell the story of Christ in the most beautiful of ways to the nations of the world.

Afrika has been interwoven into God’s narrative since the beginning, and in this issue you will discover why that is.

Welcome to Afrika!

About the author

Chioma Phillips

Chioma Phillips

Chioma Phillips is the Editor of Msingi Afrika Magazine. She is also the founder of the magazine's publisher, The Knowledge Consultancy Limited, which shares information, tools and insights to provoke thought and inspire movement... towards God.
Her perspective goes beyond national boundaries to see the full scope of what God is saying and doing for the continent of Africa and the world in these end times.

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