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Special Announcement


There are lots of things in the mind of God for the world and the age that we are in right now. So many intentions in His heart that He wants to accomplish in our day. Of things that were written from before the foundation of the world and of things prophesied by saints and prophets of old in scriptures. However the grand purpose or intention of God among all others, is the return of Jesus the King of kings, who will sit upon the throne of David His father and rule the earth from mount Zion, from the tabernacle of His sons and daughters. This prophecy cannot fail, for it is the grand expression of the final mystery of God on earth concerning mankind, in which God will dwell with His people in the new earth. So this is not just a call to those who do not believe in Christ to repent of their sins and be born again, it is the call also for believers to come into the place of understanding of what it really means for Jesus to come again and what their preparation must be, in line with His coming. The kingdom of God doesn’t come with signs of “He is here” or “He is there” like the Lord Himself said, or like the noise of the supposed escapist rapture that we were taught in church. This call is to reach out to the world (Both believers in Christ or nonbelievers) about the coming King and how He in His mercy has designated this earth to be His home for the next dispensation of the New Earth.

The Announcement
The Lord showed me a dream a while ago and also gave me a message through the words of a song. It was rather unusual He would use that song, but He did anyway and I am grateful for the clarity of the message of the song. The words of the song are these: “I’m coming home, I’m Coming home, tell the world I’m coming home”…I have written a more detailed article about this message before on my blog site. You can check out the article with this link. On the strength of these words that God gave me about the coming of the King, I say this; do not think life on earth will continue the way it has always been after now. Do not think your life will continue the same way it as always been, whether you know God or not. Have it clearly in your mind that whatever it is you have known, seen, thought or had hoped in this world will be altered at the coming of this King who will rule the nations with a rod of iron (Righteousness and Justice).

Home is where God is
Home is wherever God is. Simple. That the Lord is coming home simply means, He God in His mercy and grace has planned for earth to both be home for His presence and for His people. For scripture speaks of the New Jerusalem coming from heaven to earth and in which God will dwell among His people. (See Revelation 20)

What we stand for
Yes we try to tackle a wide range of issues facing Afrika in our publications, and how best to resolve them, however, our core purpose at Msingi Afrika Magazine is not to make Afrikans or the nations in Afrika know how to do business better in order to make more money or grow the economy (money, its acquisition and the economy of the world have no eternal value whatsoever) neither is it set up to show Afrikan people how to be better Afrikans (the only Afrikans we need to be, are the ones who live the life that pleases God and who have value for true brotherhood), but to show men how to become those people with whom God will find rest. For the corporate son of God is the tabernacle of David that will be reestablished and the throne of David which the Lord will sit, is their hearts which have been presented as living sacrifices. Our mandate, which is to heal, restore and rebirth Afrika and the earth is not so much about the healing of the body, mind or even spirit, but much more about realigning all things back to God, by His Spirit, so that God will be all in all with creation. This is true healing and restoration.

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This announcement is simple and clear for him who will think things through. The Lord is coming home and home is where God chooses to dwell or with whom He chooses to live.

The question is, when the Lord comes, will you be ready as a home upon which He will rest and within which He will dwell? Think about it.

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