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Poor Head PA, Where Are You?


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Poor Head PA, Where Are You?

Stop for a moment!
For how long ,
You walk, no rest,
Without thinking about what's your life?
Take a look back !
Stepping back ,
Cant you do no more ?
You can't shake off the sadness
Are you satisfied and proud of your existence?
U worry me too much,
When you say so life goes on!
You were not born to be a shitty existence!
Nobody goes to school to be submissive,
Neither to do, the clown, the idiot and the blunt!
You've passed out on the way
When and where did you lose your track!?
Just like a machine,
Always, you turn around,
to rhythm and speed
Devoid of reason and wisdom.
Where are you going from this step?
Must you trim for a meal!?
Wheat grows everywhere
But it is wrongly shared!
For work you get up very early,
Without drinking often, a pot of milk.
At noon you offer yourself a little rest
In the evening, you take the subway again.
For the years
Until you run empty,
Bout to walk with a baton
Arrived at home,
The first reaction:
A quick kiss of affection,
Without much attention,
And then there's television.
We forget, for a moment
And, mom, and, children;
Lost at Facebook or Instagram,
Making them forget all the programs!
Everything is measured
Everything is well figured out
And, shamefully, well dosed!
Nothing is spontaneous anymore,
Natural and Unconditional.!
And then the ring
The telephone;
Following a long discussion
Where money or manipulation,
It is always a question.
After its back to the computer
And mind and mind for hours
For, others, the great happiness,
You put in the labor and sweat!
We all obey one lord,
Even at the summit of glory and honor!
To his bosses,
Every single house !!!
The woman is outside with her obligations
Man obeys endless impositions.
The two slaves are having illusion
Always own their lives
While they live, stripped of everything!
There's always richer than yourself,
And people to whom, survival, we owe.
Help, strangers, fingers
When he thought it was gonna collapse on him, the roof,
Who didn't know about it in their tracks?
Even the one who is safe from the needy,
Always looking to score points;
A, their empire, expand,
And his factory, getting bigger.
On how to infinitely get rich
He doesn't stop thinking!
In this logic, there is no mercy!!!
Never feel sorry for anyone!
On the slopes never delay;
The more wheat we have, the more we can calm everything down!
But is he really rich,
The one who is stingy in love,
He who indulged in fetishes,
He who pluck the lives of others,
With sordid bonuses,
Who, existence, gets depressed!?
How can one go wrong,
And have no remorse!?
Stop for a moment!
You are a living being!
You're not one of those machines,
Made in china factories!
Why did you sell your rights?
Why, your will, have you corrupted,
And put it up for auction
What is dearest to you:
Thy will
And your personality?
Tell me who you are!
A man or a toy,
manipulate as we please,
And who keeps believing that he's happy!
Why do you refuse to open your eyes
And accept that you made yourself unhappy?
On a barza, one day I sat,
When a long chassis jeep comes,
Military Transporter and their superior.
Graders come to drink indoors
While the handy men
Everyone rushed to their corners;
For, chiefs, security,
Keep and secure.
Under the blazing sun,
They were there hungry and sweaty
So others can have a good time.
All his life soldier must obey
And we can punish him however we want!
The best he has to offer,
Without complaining or moaning!
His whole life is to serve.
Off to the fights,
Why is he fighting,
He doesn't know. !
He is ordered to kill the enemy;
It's more than enough for him.
For his death he signs,
In order to obey the instructions.
He will die without understanding!
His intelligence, he put up for sale!
He erased his personality forever,
And mortgaged his individuality!
Are not his anymore,
His being and his life!!!
Under the skies and sun,
For you and me it's the same!!!
Who is not cruelly dependent?
Who decides their life, all the time?
How many follow the voice of conscience
And act accordingly !?
How many still have full,
Love their sweets, full time?
No one thinks about his life anymore!
More ways to satisfy your cravings!
Become, mind, less,
Seeking to join
What one can't reach.
He who doesn't know, his fire, extinguish
He's up to him, himself!
Anything is allowed!
Hanging up, including,
Or, in the brain,
Staying in a fatal bullet;
Or throw yourself from the sixth floor
To land on the runway on the shop windows
To each his own madness,
To all, schizophrenia
Where did it all come from?
Is there an exit door?
And here comes the night again,
Please give me insomnia!
Of those who, in intimacy, surround you,
Only affection and love,
Are yours for real!
Hurry up to be loved!
The rest is just vanity!!!
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Love it!
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