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Nation in View: Kenya


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Nation in View: Kenya


The manifestations of God are the practical appearances of God or His attributes in a person or people. Such chosen people perfectly reveal the attributes of the divine in the human world by the submission of their self-will to the will of the Spirit of God. God is Spirit and those whom He has chosen to manifest Him on earth must do so by His Spirit. There are dimensions of God that have been hidden from man over the ages but which He, God has always wanted man to know, appreciate and then live out on earth. God wants man to know, understand and then live out the patterns of His ways, His truth and His life right here on earth.
This article is about Kenya, both as a spiritual entity in the hand of God and also as a geographical location within space and time, where God in His wisdom has chosen from before time to begin the revealing of His ways, His truth and His life. And then from Kenya, spread this manifestation to other parts of Africa and then the entire world. This is not to say that God has not been manifesting Himself on the earth, nor is it to say that the entire move of God for the earth is tied to Kenya. No. But that there are certain aspects of Himself that He must reveal from Africa, and thus Kenya being the place where it begins. Mind you, this article is not a religious lecture meant to create any form of doctrine, but a simple write-up intended to make Kenya, both as a nation and a people, wake up to embrace the choice God has made in them in these last days.

Having interacted with a lot of my Kenyan brothers and sisters over the space of two years, and having seen both the good sides and the not so good sides, I can boldly say that Kenya as a nation and a people are truly blessed of God. Blessed enough to be a target for God to reveal Himself through, in this age. However, in my many interactions with Kenyans, there is one thing that has always made me wonder, that is, most Kenyans that I have met don’t know the meaning of their names, either from the physical language meaning or the spiritual interpretation of such names. I find this quite interesting and also quite disturbing, knowing that names are not just tags or words attached to people or places. Names are very important in the pointing of a man to the direction of his destiny and purpose both physically and with God. And that’s why for most people that God dealt with in scriptures and even in our present day, He either names them Himself before they are born, or changes their names when they have encounters with Him. This shows the foundational importance of names as key determining factors for a man’s life and destiny. The same thing applies to the names nations are called, for it affects both their physical and spiritual destinies, irrespective of whether the people are aware of it or not.

The name Kenya, from its physical meaning, is derived from the Kikuyu word “Kirinyaga” which means “One having stripes”. The nation Kenya, named after Mount Kenya had its earliest recorded version of the modern name written by German explorer Johann Ludwig Krapf in the 19th century. The story says that while Krapf was traveling with a Kamba caravan led by the legendary long distance trade chief Kivoi, Krapf spotted the mountain peak and asked what it was called. Kivoi told him
”Ki-Nyaa” or “KIima-Kiinyaa” probably because the pattern of black rock and white snow on its peaks reminded them of the feathers of the male ostrich. The Kikuyus, originally known as the Agikuyu who inhabit the slopes of Mount Kenya call it Kirima kirinyaga, while the Embu call it “Kirenyaa”. All these names have the same meaning. The name Kenya however, has other meanings in several cultures and languages. In the Hebrew language, Kenya means “animal horn” or “Yes to God”. Ken is Hebrew word for yes and Ya is Hebrew for God. The popular Maa (Masai) name for Mount Kenya is “Ol doinyokei” which means striped mountain. Bringing the various strands of names together, we have “a striped mountain that says yes to God”. This is very interesting to me in its physical definition, however, my deeper interest is the spiritual interpretation.

Scripture makes it clear that there are always two realities that work at once on earth; the physical and then the spiritual. And we also know that the physical realities of things by the arrangement of God always come first before the spiritual realities, even though the spiritual always predate the physical, however hidden in God.
I believe Kenya is one country in Africa that is very attractive to foreigners, investors, other Africans etc. Indeed Kenya has been a peak of whiteness set on a mountain which cannot be hidden, but which must be understood and appreciated from the perspective of what God calls her in destiny. Meaning that the true purpose of Kenya cannot be defined by the government, lawmakers and not even the people, but by God and Him alone. This is so important and should be taken very seriously. For I find it so interesting that this same line of thought is entrenched in the constitution of Kenya which says “that we as the people of Kenya acknowledge the supremacy of the God of all creation”. It is beautiful indeed and I also want to submit that it goes beyond the acknowledgement of God’s supremacy, but the actual living out of the practicalities of His Lordship and supremacy, which is found in the acceptance of His way, His truth and His life.
The acknowledgement of the supremacy of God over Kenya and the various other strands that are coming together about her destiny in God is what makes Kenya the land chosen by God to manifest His way, His truth and His life. Many of these words and statements may not make much sense right now, but they will eventually. For the Kenya and the Kenyans that most people see in the physical are those that are broken, struggling each day to survive the times and seasons of a changing world, and who seem to have heard about God but not fully embraced Him. I speak in terms of embracing God in the true spirit and not some religious rites or acts. This narrative too will change with time, for God is determined to perform His words and promises concerning the land of Kenya.

Mountains in spiritual terms always refer to kingdoms, nations and people or high profile persons. And that’s why the Kingdom of Christ is referred to as a mountain that will dislodge other mountains on earth (see Daniel 2). And because Jesus himself said that a city set upon a hill or mountain cannot be hidden, it means such personality or nation that bears such mountain attributes are targeted by God for the revealing of the thoughts of His heart. Such is the case with Kenya, a mountain targeted of God to manifest His ways, His truth and His life. So it is not a coincidence that Kenya got her name from a mountain, for this is the true spiritual reality that Kenya is mandated to express in God. I remember my second visit to Kenya in late 2016, prior to leaving Nigeria my home country, God told me directly that coming to Kenya was to come build the mountain of the Lord’s house. From a human sense, you would think He meant to come build a church or ministry. Not at all. For what He intends is for Kenya to be shown her role in this age of the end time as a physical expression of the spiritual reality of the mountain of the Lord’s house.
Isaiah 2:2-3. Jerusalem here means whoever, or wherever God finds room for His rest and expression on earth through reconciliation of the hearts of men to Himself. This is what Kenya is called to both become and also express.

Faith, rather than law is God’s current pattern for dealing with man. For no man can please God in any other way other than by faith. Scripture declares that God showed His acts to the children of Israel in the wilderness of their journey but showed His ways to Moses on the mountain of His intimacy with him. Meaning that God allowed His acts with the people in the valleys and dry places of the wilderness, but showed Moses His ways on the mountain top. I put it to you that, the ways of God in a man can only be shown on the mountain of humble intimacy with Him and not within the band-wagonism of the multitude. This is the way that God has chosen for Kenya to know Him intimately and not by some lifeless religious doctrines. Meaning that Kenya as the land of manifestation is mandated to know and understand the ways, truth and life of God through intimate relationship based on faith and Spirit. I tell you this, the season we are in on earth is the season of the third day of the Lord Jesus, the seventh day of God the Father and the day of the manifestation of the seventh continent (Africa), which God chose by his own mercy to blow as His shofar or trumpet for the healing, restoration and re-birth of creation. This picture should show you the critical role Kenya as both a nation and a people are meant to play in God’s endtime agenda. For if Kenya, within the context of her physical name means “striped mountain that says yes to God”, then it is of utmost importance that Kenya as a land and Kenya as a people must respond to God accurately by faith, so that her destiny in the hand of God will not be cut short by the excesses of men. Therefore, humility is key to enter this reality of God concerning Kenya.

The truth of God is manifested in righteousness and God will not hold guiltless anyone who handle His truth in unrighteousness. In other words, the truth of God is the word God speaks about a nation, a people or a person which carries in it the mind of God for those it is spoken to. The truth or the word spoken to a nation or a man is the Spirit and the life by which that nation or man will dwell and also thrive on the earth. Anything outside of what God says to a nation or a man is irrelevant, for man or nations shall not live by bread (policies, laws, economy, military, physical things God provides, agriculture, media etc) alone, but by the word of truth spoken by God to such man or nation. For even a blind man can see that the entire nations of the world are in a real mess, gasping for air in a never ending chase for the ever elusive global peace. Believe you me, all these things that we see in the world are simply because men and nations have rejected the word of truth for them and are walking in the lies of Babylon. I am sure the percentage of those who know a bit about the destiny of Kenya from spiritual point of view are few. How do I know this? Its simple. Just watch and see how religious Kenyans are but how weak their responses are to the truth of the Spirit of God. However, I know of a truth that a few people from this land are beginning to see this truth and are beginning to walk in it. I have met them and these few will by the grace of God influence change in Kenya for God.

In a sense, the life of God is that lifestyle a man chooses to live by, having known, understood and embraced the way and the truth of God. In another sense, it is that power of an endless life that resides in a man from God, which then creates an endless flow of intimacy between such man and God. In both cases, it’s all about intimate relationship a man has with God, having embraced His way and His truth.
I want to believe that it was this lifestyle the men of Antioch saw that made them call the disciples of the Lord Jesus Christians .i.e. those who are like Christ or those who follow Christ. But it goes beyond just having a likeness of the Christ, but much more about having the mind of Christ which is found in how Jesus lived and how He responded to the circumstances that tried Him in the days of His human flesh. The mind of Christ is wrapped in this statement of the Lord “Not my will but yours be done”. Truth be told, no man or nation can manifest God if they are not ready to embrace the will of God and to live His life as a day to day lifestyle. Meaning that, the only way Kenya can live out the manifestation of the way, the truth and the life of God is by returning to humility before God and then embrace on the inside the mind of Christ, which allows the will of God to prevail. For if the Kenyan constitution carries within itself the reality of the acknowledgement of God as supreme, then Kenya will be taking the name of the Lord in vain if she lives outside of the dictates of the supremacy of God. Meaning that the choice God made concerning Kenya as the land of manifestation in this end time, is both a blessing and a snare. A blessing, if she embraces this reality of God and a snare, if she takes it for granted. For God will not hold him guiltless who takes His name and His truth for granted. Each one must know and understand where he fits in this grand agenda of God, for no one will be left with any excuse.

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There is a prophetic analogy about Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa that points to a deep agenda in the mind of God as it concerns Africa and her role in the coming days of this end of the age. It will take some level of open-mindedness to both accept and embrace these prophetic statements.
If you tilt the map of Africa horizontally, it will give you an interesting shape of a gun, an old-style revolver. There are three major countries within Africa that are very significant to God right now, as it relates to the agenda of God for the spiritual emancipation of Africa. I speak of Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa. And I do not say that other African countries are not significant to God. All African countries are significant to God, but these three are chosen to pioneer a move for God before it gets to others. Based on the gun analogy of Africa, Nigeria by both physical and spiritual positioning, is the trigger, Kenya by same positioning is the bullet chamber and South Africa is the muzzle from where the bullet of the word of God will go forth from Africa to other parts of the world. But what does this mean? It means there are words and intentions of God concerning the spiritual awakening of the earth that Africa is mandated to reveal. Take Africa out of the mix, these words will not come to pass.

The intention of God will be clear and simple for those who will embrace humility before God. Kenya, as the place of manifestation, will certainly – like the physical Jerusalem in Israel – be a land where foreigners go for spiritual connectivity to God. But it will be an error if the Kenyan authorities mistreat her visitors. It has its spiritual consequences. For God, in scriptures, does not take lightly the mistreatment of foreigners, for we all are pilgrims on this earth. For it is easy to think that people come to Kenya for tourism or wildlife or for business or pleasure but those are just by the way. The reason they come and also love to stay is because of her spiritual significance which even the visitors themselves may not be aware of. So, let Kenya not be proud in her supposed achievements, but dwell in humility before God for this is key to her manifesting God in this age and time.

That the physical name of Kenya alludes to ‘the striped mountain that says yes to God’, has a lot more spiritual connotations than can be imagined. Scripture is clear about the life of Jesus who bore the stripes of our infirmity on His back and whose ‘Yes’ to God gave us a way to the heart of the Father. It is this reality of Jesus as the Striped One that Kenya is mandated to manifest. For Kenya, as she bears the birth pangs of the spiritual manifestation of Africa and by learning to say yes to the will of God will certainly become the picture of the mountain of the Lord’s House set upon the mountains. The eyes of God are turned towards this nation, even as she goes through her season of incubating the move of God before birthing.
Nations will come into her to learn the ways, the truth and the life of God. Though this reality I speak of is not seen right now in the streets of Nairobi nor on the Coast of Mombasa, but God is doing this already with a few people of whom I am aware and in a little while, they will manifest clearly.
Bringing it all together, the land of Kenya, the striped mountain that says yes to God and His will, must be deliberate in her response to the mind of God, for there is no more time to delay what God must do in this season. So, let the government and the people of Kenya walk in humility before God, Who has graciously chosen them for such mandate in a time like this. And the God of Grace will lead Kenya into the heights that are set for her.

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  • Wow! This is so beautiful. You have broken down what actually Kenya means as a land of manifestation that makes it easier to follow and understand.

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