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Issue 11 Mar/Apr 2021


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Issue 11 Mar/Apr 2021

What we believe defines us. What we grant entry to, into our hearts, our minds – our very souls, becomes the seed that forms our thoughts and shapes our actions. For too long now, our thoughts and actions have been defined by and driven by a western paradigm that has contaminated our education, government, worship – and has been allowed to define our identity, personhood and even our culture as Afrikans. A foreign, western ideology that came to conquer and dominate and destroy – not to add to or refine or enrich what we already had. Not to honor the Creator as we all gather together in worship of Him. The Afrikan way was to share lessons, insights and value – in order to deepen communal understanding. The western way came to invade, erode, dilute and take away what was rich in us.
Western ideology was used to twist and corrupt the very foundation of our beliefs running contrary to the role they were meant to play, which was share in purity what they had learnt – for our review and consideration to help refine and grow our interaction with the Only True God. The unfaithful messengers chose instead to defile the message – to their detriment. That most core of our identity as drawn directly from the Source was befouled. But it is time for us to recover it.
Afrika has always had a direct connection to the Creator and that has always been our source of definition, direction and purpose. It never had to change and the time to return to that place of pure relationship with Him has finally come. That’s healing, restoration and rebirth.

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