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The Mini-Me Syndrome


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The Mini-Me Syndrome

The Ignorance, Arrogance and Foolishness of Men

Mini-Me. Have you heard of the term? It originated from the name of a character in the irreverent Austin Powers movie franchise. Mini-Me was a tiny look-alike of the film’s main villain, Dr. Evil, a clone made as a gift for him by his minions. It doesn’t speak and is a nasty little character with awful habits and mannerisms. I am not speaking of the now-deceased actor who played Mini-Me, I’m speaking of the character from the movie.

Along the way, someone thought it was a good idea to start calling their children, or people’s children, their ‘Mini-Me’. Tiny me. And this ignorant, arrogant and foolish mindset wrapped up in this evil term spread its wings across the world. Influencing (or influenced by) the fashion industry and other secondary parasitic industries like beauty, photography and so on, which wanted to capitalize on the egos of parents who were obsessed with trying to recreate themselves in their children.

According to Mini-Me is: “

a person who resembles a smaller or younger version of another person

a person who adopts the opinions or mannerisms of a more powerful or senior person in order to win favor, achieve promotion, etc”

So, when you think about it, basically, a Mini-Me is an individual with no personality, identity, character, destiny or purpose of their own that is separate from another individual’s. Or, one who derives or has had imputed upon them their personality, identity, character, destiny or purpose from or by another person deemed senior or superior in some way. This is both infuriating and demeaning and an insult to the One who made us all unique beings.

And now, as with most trends, nobody cares to think about the origin and the significance of the meaning of this term and why it should never, never, never be applied to anyone anywhere on earth. Ever!

I recently saw a post where some Kenyan, referred to as a socialite (another term I wonder why Kenyans and Afrikans have adopted so blindly and foolishly) referred to her infant child as her ‘mini-me’, with all pride and boastfulness. There they were, dressed in virtually identical outfits, the mother holding her baby while strutting outside some shiny building looking like the perfect picture of modernity that the world has embraced. Actually, come to think of it, they were the perfect mini-me of the world system – much like others of the same or similar ilk across Afrika who have adopted this pathway, without thinking about its genesis. Thereby creating a world or realm of stupidity around themselves, their children and their families.

So, as with other things in society, mankind has taken to forming people in their own image or likeness of the twisted realities that exist in their minds in order to satisfy some egoistic desire that they harbor within them and to see it fulfilled. Either from a sense of over-inflated ego or a deflated one… or both. Shameless!

Mankind’s insanity and blindness have reached a dangerous peak. How DARE anyone think that a new entity, a new person, an entirely new being who has been sent here by the Almighty Creator who is God even belongs to them, let alone deserving being placed under their feet? Just because God chooses to send a person in the form of a small child, first of all, doesn’t mean He doesn’t have other ways and means of bringing new people forth – meaning He chose this option for a reason. Secondly, it doesn’t mean that they are meant to be patronized or put anywhere near our feet – let alone under them. Children are not sent here to be ruled over but to have room created for them to grow fully into who and what they are in God’s sight – not ours. We are guardians with a temporary role in ensuring these ones get to where they need to in life. In fact, when you think about it critically, you will realize that no child is born behind their parents, they are born ahead. Here is what I mean. Just like in leadership, the younger generation are not born as followers of the old, but as those who are coming ahead, those who are bringing in the future, the things that were not available within the older generation. So you really cannot call for instance Elon Musk the mini-me of Nicolas Tesla.

What makes a person think that they are even equipped to raise the ones who have been sent with the tools for the future? How can that very thought of their having a purpose greater than what you have seen not put fear into you? God’s divine plan saw it fit to use you as a vessel to carry, birth and interact with the future through the one He sent first as a child, and you don’t get humbled by the very proposition of collaborating with the Creator to bring forth His purposes? Instead, you spend time trying to limit the unlimitable by calling this entirely new person, entity, purpose, destiny MINI-ME? Why? Ooh, I shiver in terror.

You yourself may not even have reached the point where you’re living out your purpose in its fullness. You may even have walked away from it – and now you want to subject this never-seen-before reality to your own limited perspectives, unhealed wounds and biases? People need to tread more carefully in this world o.

It’s bad enough that our education systems are so stifling, boring and mind-numbing. And that they do not actually bring forth the purposes of the people who are subjected to them. It’s bad enough that governments are so blind, disconnected from God and afraid, that they cannot conceive any other way of carrying out their mandates of representation than to control, subjugate, bully and intimidate the unlimited potential in each individual under their stewardship. But, for parents to play an equal role in the futility that is visited upon the lives of the answers that God keeps sending forth from the unseen dimension into the seen? For parents, grandparents and caregivers to collaborate with stupidity to try to force these ones who have come into their cramped cocoons of constraints and disorder, instead of falling on their faces before God, their Maker to ask Him what to do? Oh, that is sad and shameful.

That’s how we end up with powerful individuals being bounced around on people’s laps and called, “Baba” or “Mama” or “Mini-Me” or “Baby” – because the loftiest place one can raise their child is to the position of their parent or themselves, or the only thing they can see, which is a child. They impute these limited already lived out realities onto these children through naming, mindset and perspective. How will this child’s destiny and purpose ever be called forth and accurately guided if the parent of this child is teaching them on the basis of “Baba” or “Mama” or “Mini-Me” or “Baby”? Is this why children are still taught to sing “Baby Jesus, I love You.”? When the book of Revelation clearly described the state of the risen King in fearsome detail – would you not rather raise your children aware of His fearsome state, so that they can more readily identify with Him and with their true selves – since as He is, so are we in this earth? Is this why conversations with children are so inane and kept to the level of “oobijoobijoobijoo”? Who said that because we cannot understand what a child is saying that what they are saying is the gibberish and nonsense that we feed back to them? They must think us such idiots!

I am incensed as I write this, because this is the height of the mindless thinking that keeps this world in bondage, because the carriers of future realities and destinies are kept living like rats in the smallness of mankind’s limited imaginations and realities, which are so tightly bound to this world. So much so that when they arrive, they immediately become prisoners of stupidity and commonplace thinking and living. But, worse still, the so-called adults somehow believe that they have a right to conform this already supernaturally destined individual to the graveyard of their blindness and arrogance.

It would be better if those parents were to keep quiet before their child and instead to cry to God every day to raise that child Himself than for them to come and corrupt them and their pathways with their insanities.

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Why is it that people cannot just even stop for a moment to think about their own lives, their own experiences and to examine them for places and ways in which they themselves felt the struggle to become something else, but were immediately strangled by the cries of alarm and fear by those who were raising them? Why is it that they can’t just raise those moments in time back to God and ask Him to help them to heal and to never to do this to those He has kindly given them temporary guardianship over? So that, at least in their lives, the failings and futilities that mankind has subjected himself to would be minimized to the greatest extent possible – at worst – and at best, eliminated altogether.

Oh, my heart! The thought of how many purposes were aborted physically; just killed off like that.

Hundreds of millions of babies were murdered in the womb while the world cried out for solutions and help that ended up in laboratories, vaccines, food production testing sites, trash cans, rivers, sewers and buried underground by people who had no clue what potential they actually carried. The thought of how many destinies were crippled by parents, governments and education systems that were determined to conform their children to society, rather than learning from the future (their children) what God has in store and preparing and helping them to prepare for the future and their role in it. Like Zacharias and Elizabeth, Mary and Joseph and others throughout the story of God and man who were charged with the greatest responsibility of all – bringing forth God’s purposes on earth as they are in heaven.

As for Afrika and Afrikans. The wombs, carriers and nurturers of life – spiritual and physical – the blindness that the children of this great continent have taken on (yes, it has been a result of choice after choice – not imposition) has rendered too many useless to God, while subservient to the very system that enslaves them. By choosing to abandon the mandate of seeking the Unseen God to guide every step and every decision and instead trying to live like the America that abandoned sanity long ago and is now reaping the rewards of its madness – guess what outcome they too have embraced? Ehe!! The very same one that the formerly great US of A has attained.

Oh, that men would see what is really happening!!!! That they would fully understand that the sorrows in the world around them are nothing but consequences of walking away from God. Drought, famine, hunger, illness, desolation, war, murder, collapsing families and social units… it’s just that they think that somehow these things are meant to happen mysteriously, so they doubt it when the hand of man is used to effect them. But, maintaining order here was given to man – so when man has walked away from his purpose and embraced a corrupt and defiled version of that purpose, will things not be twisted and out of course?

Mini-Me!!! A villainous character from a filthy and defiling movie that was designed to spread depravity, using humor and innuendo as delivery devices, is the label that a mother or father or both choose to ascribe to a new life that has entered the earth? Then we wonder why things are so strange and corrupt on the earth.

Noooo. We can do better than this and time is definitely not waiting for us..

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