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Issue 23 January 2024


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Issue 23 January 2024

Welcome to 2024 and your opportunity to do it differently.

After a short hiatus and a modification of how this publication was done due to the arrival of our son, we are now restoring the flip version of our magazine. We hope you like it. As always, the magazine articles will also be accessible on the website. Simply look for the latest articles.

This issue features the voices of passionate Afrikans who love what they do, be it business, tourism, art, counseling, politics, development, activism or re-education. We thank them for their willingness to be vulnerable and share their thoughts on our platform. Finding the liberty and courage to speak up and speak out concerning any issue means that you have tapped into a source of power within that will liberate you and your voice and reach and liberate others wherever they may be. It’s a thing of beauty.

We pray that 2024 will cause you to find your strength as a liberator for yourself and others around you, enabling you to be part of the tsunami of change that is about to overtake Afrika and the world.

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God bless you this year as you journey forth in being more you than before!

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