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Innscor Food and Feed Monopoly Have Destroyed Zim Beef


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Innscor Food and Feed Monopoly Have Destroyed Zim Beef

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Zimbabwe used to produce some of the best-tasting organic yellow fat beef, pork, and chicken globally, and we exported excellent beef to the UK. We also had exceptional broiler chicken and pork until Innscor and the introduction of hybrid chickens and franchenstein 16 tit porkers.

Innscor took over Colcom and the meat industry, introducing chemical GMO feeds, steroids, injections and hybrids which substituted taste for weight, ultimately destroying the unique taste of Zimbabwean commercially grown meat.

The beef used to have yellow fat, thanks to carotene from grass feeding, but it has now been replaced by nasty-tasting white fat from GMO yellow grain imported from South Africa and Brazil.

This grain is laced with cancer causing pesticides (glyphosate, Neo-nicotinoids and Drexin), along with growth hormones, vaccines, medicines and steroids, all giving the meat a synthetic flavor and texture.

The chicken (even commercially raised hardbody) has become tasteless, resembling inedible hybridized plastic, and the quality of eggs has deteriorated and now they are tasteless with a chlorinated flavor.

If we continue down this path, Zimbabwe will never regain its status as an exporter of quality meat.

South Africa, on the other hand is improving, offering more variety and better-tasting grass-fed meat, even obtaining the Karoo stamp to distinguish its organic Karoo meat from the Concentrated Feed Operation junk.

The question we must ask is, why did we Zimbabweans who used to love good food, let Innscor dominate and industrialize our food value-chain and destroy our unique advantage of good tasting meat, by taking shortcuts and using steroids?

Furthermore, why don’t we as Zimbabweans have a choice of more expensive, grass-fed organic meats in Zimbabwe?

Currently, our only option is expensive, cancer causing, chemical-filled meat, unless we purchase it from villagers who grow organic produce traditionally.

It’s crucial to develop the Muzarabani Organic Meat Brand and ensure Innscor does not interfere with it, as they have with most of Zimbabwean food.

Innscor has stripped us of our best-tasting beef, chicken and pork niche brand status, making us leaders in low-cost, low-quality meat production in the region, through hybridization and the use of steroids and chemicals.

I miss the good old Colcom sausages; they were the best in the world and could make you wake up and catch a US$500 flight back home just to have them, until Zed destroyed them.

By destroying the unique flavor of a nation’s cuisine, Innscor is destroying Zimbabwe and one of the key unique value offerings that makes tourists and even diasporians return to spend money in our eateries and resorts.

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Such cultural attributes like flavor, smell, sounds, memories and the feelings they evoke, are what touch people’s emotions, giving them amazing experiences that make them keep coming back to spend their money in a place.

It’s these unique attributes that make local and foreign investors desire to invest millions and live in a country for the rest of their lives. We must never lose these very critical sensory stimulating differentiators like the flavor of our food.

Imagine what Italy would be without Italian food? What would France be without the unique-tasting wine? Even Mozambique attracts millions of visitors to its shores through its renowned seafood.

So why haven’t we jealously guarded Zimbabwe’s unique-tasting grass-fed beef, non-hybrid pork, and chicken that reminds all of us of the special feasts we had with family back in the good old days?

Innscor is destroying the very essence of the culture and experience that makes up brand Zimbabwe in our hearts, and we need to redeem our national brand from this cultural genocide by a company that clearly doesn’t care about the Zimbabwean experience and brand, in a country where hospitality is central to our economy and identity.

Zed, wakwachura chikafu chedu.

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