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The Lion Park is our national treasure when we look at the wildlife reserves that are situated around Harare. To spill the beans, most safari parks thrive in the boondocks deep in the forest but this one screams of accessibility. Normally, tourists are not in a position to dispute the fact that the lion is the king of the jungle so why not come along and witness its reign and supremacy at this venerable park? As far as I’m concerned, ambiguity lies in the fact that there are other animals in the reserve but they found it appropriate to name it specifically after the lion. T

his particular excursion will not cost you an arm and a leg because for only ten dollars tourists will also be able to see some monkeys, jackals, warthogs, elands, camels, wolves and Tommy the tortoise. A pride of lions is meant to be cherished because they stand and represent the big five. As a tourism brand, it promotes our local game reserves up to the various transfrontier parks within our borders. The truth is that a lion’s stature and prowess are a sight to behold probably making them the most sought-after species ever on a game drive. Thus, Lion Park should be applauded for observing all the conservation goals that work in favor of all our wildlife. Fortunately, we are proud to say that the park takes anti-poaching seriously to keep abreast with its untamed adventures.

Our visitors cannot wrap their heads around the fact that the park has a cub experience package. The reason is that the cubs are so cute to a fault that you will feel like taking them home with you after the adventure. With this young generation of lions multiplying every year, extinction will be a thing of the past. Jonah’s majestic rule as the current patriarch of the cat family compels tourists to frog march to Harare in a bid to get a glimpse of this potent lion’s den.

Getting down to the nitty-gritty of biodiversity, tourists have the right to know that the park also boasts of the white lion which is a very rare breed indeed. Interestingly, the lion fever got the better of filmmakers so they came up with The Lion King, a popular movie that focuses on the survival of the fittest. Without a doubt, the animation has been re-enacted and is dedicated solely to these indomitable big cats. Having a lion as your totem symbolises prestige and it entails that you are royalty. Ladies and gentlemen, take time and Google Cecil the most famous lion who has a documentary on the National Geographic Channel so that you will embrace the importance of safari tourism.

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A happy belated World Tourism Day to you all (27 September 2023).

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