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New dawn, new hope (

Tragedy befell many parts of the world in August. In a very short time frame there were several public mass shootings in the US, a tragic suicide bombing at a wedding in Kabul, vicious attacks by hacking in Mombasa, to name but a few. One immediate result of the attacks was fear. It seems a calculated move by darkness to rob the earth of joy, peace, hope, gladness and even the sense of community. There is indeed a distressing spirit sent abroad to discourage, dishearten and divide (see: Wakanda – the wicked spirit of the third world war). The idea is to create a sense of hopelessness, helplessness, despair and panic resulting in poorly thought out knee jerk responses to the problems. However, it pays to remember that ‘when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God will raise up a standard against him’. We must remember, we have One Who loves us dearly, Who is watching over His Word to perform it. Do not lose hope, but rather take courage from and find strength in
the Holy God. Let hope rise in the world like the rising of the morning sun. Amen.

Algeria’s double victory

The month of April 2019, brought with it sweeping changes in North Africa. 20 years of rulership by Algeria’s Abdulaziz Bouteflika (2 decades) came to an end at the hands of frustrated and tired people. It took the courage and commitment of the people to face down giants in the land at great personal risk, and pull them down. Later in July 19, 2019, Algeria was crowned Africa Cup of Nations champion for only the second time in its history, after winning over Senegal in a 1-0 match. We do not think these wins are coincidental at all for this North African nation, having gone through years of dictatorship in the political arena and also having not won the African Cup of Nations for 29 years. It’s a beautiful thing to see such beautiful wins coming out of this nation. Clearly, God is up to something amazing in Afrika, Algeria is clearly a sign of that spirit of liberation that is sweeping through our beloved Afrika.

Wind of change

On Friday 19th July, 2019, President Uhuru Kenyatta officially inaugurated the 310MW Lake Turkana Wind Power project. The joint ceremony for the inauguration of the wind farm and the commissioning of the 438km Loiyangalani-Suswa transmission line which connects the wind farm to the national grid was held at the wind farm site in Loiyangalani Sub-County, Marsabit County. During his speech at the launch, the president lauded the wind farm, a first in the region in terms of production capacity and investment saying, “Today, we again raise the bar for the continent as we unveil Africa’s single largest wind farm, the Lake Turkana Wind Power project”. We at Msingi Afrika Magazine believe that Afrika is in serious need of true change which comes by the move of the Spirit or Wind of God over our land. We deeply appreciate this new power creation, but are we ready and open for the coming move of the Wind of God that will cause a lasting change in our land?

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