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Black History Month


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Black History Month

The memory (offspring) of the righteous (The one who is approved of God) is blessed.

The origins of Black History Month can be traced back to the 1920’s in the United States of America where it was first celebrated as “Negro History Week”. The first Black History Month was celebrated in February 1970 in the USA and later in 1987 in the UK.

In The Beginning

The black man is the first man that was created on the earth by the wisdom of the Creator and He created him in His own image. He formed man of the dust of the ground, and I believe that man was black (what else should the color of the image made with dark earth be, if not black?) He was blessed and approved of God from his very beginning. As a righteous man from the cradle of humanity, his memory, who are defined as his offspring, are also blessed. It is a lie when they say that the black man is cursed. A lie designed to cause an inferiority complex in the black man. They try to link this lie to the curse that Noah pronounced in Genesis 9:25, saying that the curse was put on Ham, adding that Ham’s lineage is where the black Afrikan came through. Yes, the post-flood black man is connected to Ham the son of Noah, but the reality of the first man created on the earth, who is Black, goes beyond the days of Noah or the flood to creation itself. Also, when Noah pronounced the curse, he pronounced it on Canaan, the son of Ham and not on Ham himself. Also, by the faith of Abraham the Hebrew, Canaan and the rest of the world are blessed according to the covenant God had with him. Furthermore, the Seed of Abraham, who is Yeshua the Christ, came to remove every curse, having become a curse on the cross, so that by His death and resurrection from the grave, all curses on the earth and on all people are removed for any who will believe by faith. Meaning that through the original Word of God in the beginning concerning the original man (Black Man), through the faith of Abraham and through the redemptive sacrifice of Yeshua, the narrative of a cursed and backward Afrika is nothing but a hoax and a lie.

The Black History

The Black History is not in any way just the month of February where Africanism is celebrated, but it’s a lifetime of the unraveling and the celebrating of the mystery, the uniqueness, the beauty, the magic, the miracle called the Black Afrikan. It is a constant reflection and acceptance of the greatness called Afrika and the artistic beauty that makes up her narrative. Many, somehow, have tied the Black History Month to history of the horrors of the slave trade and the journey to freedom from slavery or even the acceptance of Blacks into the broader society. As good as that may be, it is not good enough. For the history of the Black Afrikan precedes the days of Noah, Ham, Canaan or even the flood. The Black Afrikan History is as old as human life on earth itself. It is completely wrapped in God’s story (His-Story) and the creation of an image, like Himself, who was blessed and then given dominion and authority over the earth and its content.  So the Black History Month is not the celebration of freedom from slavery nor is it about the re-writing of history, but it is about the blessing of God, the celebration of the life, the uniqueness, the original wisdom, the wholeness and the indigenous Afrikan knowledge of the Black Afrikan man. The Back man’s true story is that of originality, creativity, ingenuity and original wisdom and every blessed thing that accompanies the reality of Afrika as the cradle of humanity. Any other form of history is at best, lopsided.

The Name Afrika

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The name Afrika is a combination of two words Afri and Ka. Other indigenous people of Afrika used the name “Afri” or “Ifran”. The ancient language of Mizraim/Kemet (Ancient Egypt) called Afrika “Af-Rui-Ka.” It means the opening of Ka. Afri like Afro means black and Ka means soul or spirit. It also means the place of birth. Technically, Afrika means the land of the blacks that is the womb of spirit or soul. From the creation story of the bible and even archaeologically, it is clear that Afrika is the cradle of humanity and thus the place where the womb of creation was opened to give birth to the first man. But beyond the fact that this is historical – in prophetic foresight, the reality of Afrika being the womb of spirit or humanity is still as valid as it was in the beginning. Have you ever wondered why, with all of the many evil days that Afrika has gone through, her reality still could not be destroyed? Pre-slave trade wars and invasions could not do it, the Atlantic slave trade itself could not do it, the partition of Afrika and the colonialism that followed could not do it and even the neo-colonialism going on right now still won’t be able to destroy Afrika. Why is that? The creative artistic work that God, the Creator, did when He took dirt (soil) from the cradle of humanity (Afrika) and formed the first man is still alive and will never die. God’s word never dies, and as long as His word remains, earth which is His word will remain and Man who is also His word (let us make man in our own image) will remain, especially in its original form (Black). There is a seed of life in the DNA of the Afrikan man that no kind of genetic alteration that science is trying to make can change. The womb of Afrika can never stop producing the word of God. So Afrika will remain no matter what is done to her, until the end comes. To add to this, it seems to me that the white man’s mind could not handle these enigmas called Afrikans, that the only thing he could do was destroy the black man’s history, taint his pre-colonialism civilization, and pour so much propaganda out using the modern day globalist-controlled mass media and social media, just to keep the narrative of a backward Afrika going. That too will not last forever. Afrikans are beginning to understand and also take accurate stands for what is true about who they are. But each Afrikan must know that for anything good to happen, the ancient Afrikan brotherhood must be restored, where Afrikans in any part of Afrika no longer see themselves as enemies, foreigners or aliens but as brothers.

So as the Black Afrikans all over the world celebrate the Black History month, and the days after the month of February, remember that what makes you a Black Afrikan is not just the melanin in your skin, but your originality as the womb that brought forth life on earth. And because the reality of the Black Afrikan is so rich and deep, frivolous matters and weird mindsets between Afrikans against Afrikans must be done away with. True Afrikan brotherhood is the real reason we should celebrate Black History Month. This is what we have and this is what we must protect at all costs. It is obvious that the governments of Afrikan nations are too carried away with whatever personal gains they are chasing after to care about us and our brotherhood. They still allow the colonial borders to separate us even to the detriment of Afrikan integration and true unity. But we as Afrikans must be able to say: enough of the self-hate, violence, criminality, poverty, physical and mental borders that we have allowed to divide us. It’s time for us to see one another as family once again. It is possible. And it begins with you reading this article.

God bless Afrika.

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    • Thanks Norbert. God is beginning to share things with His people to help strengthen them for what’s coming. Afrikans just need to take out their heads from the sand and see that though the past is important to remember, however it doesn’t always define the future. Our future is in the beauty of the new things that God is showing now. The anger and resentment that the past created in the Afrikan man has not helped. We must move forward in and with a new spirit of love and brotherhood.

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