About Issue 006 May-Jun 2020

Everyone seems to be in agreement that Afrika and the world are facing a reboot after or as a result of Covid-19. Clearer skies, cleaner air and water and families actually spending time with each other at home have shifted the perspectives of all those who have been impacted by the response measures that governments have put in place. It seems the world has discovered what it doesn’t actually want to say out loud too much – that a total shift away from how we’ve been doing things is actually possible and even beneficial in many ways.

For Afrika, the opportunities presented by the circumstances that the continent and the world are encountering are seriously limitless. If we are bold enough, brave enough, confident enough, oooh the revolution that we can begin on our soil and in our hearts and minds would SERIOUSLY bless us and the world. We just have to consider it and dare to do it.

We’ve shared a lot of ideas and perspectives that we strongly believe that if our governments are unwilling to take up, we should consider doing ourselves and letting them catch up with us, as usual.

Let us know your thoughts.

About the author

Chioma Phillips

Chioma Phillips

Chioma Phillips is the Editor of Msingi Afrika Magazine. She is also the founder of the magazine's publisher, The Knowledge Consultancy Limited, which shares information, tools and insights to provoke thought and inspire movement... towards God.
Her perspective goes beyond national boundaries to see the full scope of what God is saying and doing for the continent of Africa and the world in these end times.

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