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Heart of Kindness


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Heart of Kindness

In fact, kindness is first, a heart that sees, feels, understands others as it sees, feels and understand itself, before an external act is done.

Kindness is that passion or drive on the inside that makes a person go out of their way to make someone else feel wanted, appreciated and worth sharing love with. Kindness is a very sweet and good-hearted spirit that rejoices when acts of genuine giving and sharing is done. And she always gives her elixir of joy to both the giver and the receiver, especially the giver. And that’s why it is more blessed to give than to receive.

There is a profound joy and excitement that encircles a person like a cloud of light and suffuses them with a good feeling when they give of themselves to put joy on the faces of others. It is divine, spiritual, sweet, encouraging and most importantly, it is very healthy.

But there are those who are destined for destruction even though they front acts of kindness which are nothing but charades for covering up the other negative things that they are really involved in. This kind of kindness has been the evil that has undermined Afrika for ages. Foreign organizations come to Afrika bearing the mythical golden trays of kindness through uncountable charity groups but which we keep finding out are just fronts and distractions from the real stealing going on at the back.

The following is an excerpt from a lecture given by Mallence Bart Williams in 2015 (TEDxBerlin), and it clearly captures my thoughts on the use of kindness as camouflage for exploitation and oppression in Afrika:

“One thing that keeps me puzzled, despite having studied finance and economics at the world’s best universities, the following question remains unanswered. Why is it that 5,000 units of our currency is worth one unit of your currency where we are the ones with the actual gold reserves? It’s quite evident that the aid is in fact not coming from the West to Africa but from Africa to the Western world. The Western world depends on Africa in every possible way, since alternative resources are scarce out here. So how does the West ensure that the free aid keeps coming? By systematically destabilizing the wealthiest African nations and their systems, and all that backed by huge PR campaigns – leaving the entire world under the impression that Africa is poor and dying and merely surviving on the mercy of the West.

Well done Oxfam, UNICEF, Red Cross, Live Aid, and all the other organizations that continuously run multi-million-dollar advertisement campaigns depicting charity porn to sustain that image of Africa globally. Ad campaigns paid for by innocent people under the impression to help with their donations. While one hand gives under the flashing lights of cameras, the other takes in the shadows. We all know the dollar is worthless, while the Euro is merely charged with German intellect and technology and maybe some Italian pasta. How can one expect donations from nations that have so little?

How super-sweet of you to come with your colored paper in exchange for our gold and diamonds. But instead you should come empty-handed, filled with integrity and honor.”

Saying it like it is

Kindness without integrity and honor is nothing but witchcraft. It is manipulative and very controlling. Witchcraft is simply the ability to manipulate realities either through skilled tricks or spiritual or emotional mesmerism. And truth be told, while the world won’t stop talking nonsense about Afrika as the Dark Continent with diabolical tendencies, the white man won’t stop pushing his witchcraft and manipulative acts of “kindness” that leave Afrika used and short-changed.

I was responding to a friend’s post on Facebook and the conversation went towards how the many foreign NGOs in Afrika are nothing but fronts for money laundering, financial corruption, exploitation, sexual molestation and the many evils that are perpetrated here in Afrika, including human trafficking as one of the effects of such charity fronts. We spoke about the largest slum in Kenya called Kibra and how that with almost a thousand foreign and local NGOs in that locality, nothing useful has been done or achieved to resolve the high level of poverty and congestion there. And this is just a drop in the ocean of the true state of things in Afrika.

The power of true kindness

Kevin Heath says “Wherever there is a human in need, there is an opportunity for kindness and to make a difference.”

Obviously from this quote and from the various other quotes that speak of kindness as acts that make for change, there is no notable change in Afrika even with the millions of NGOs, hundreds of billions in foreign aid, grants that are sent here. It simply shows what kind of “kindness” we have been receiving and it’s time to really re-look those acts of kindness to establish if they are really kindness or witchcraft. And I am not trying to be un-appreciative of those foreign or local organizations that are truly doing genuine acts of kindness in Afrika. Many thanks from us to them.

Every act of kindness must stem from love, and ‘love’ that gives in order to take more is not love at all, but covert business.

What about Afrikans?

Enough talk about the false kindnesses that are brought to Afrika, let’s talk about the kindness we give ourselves as Afrikans.

Acts of kindness don’t have to be something very huge or expensive. In fact, kindness is first a heart that sees, feels and understands others even as it sees, feels and understands itself before an external act is done. How do we as Afrikans see ourselves? With what hearts, feelings, or eyes do we deal with ourselves?

In the last issue of this magazine, we featured an organization called Simply Do Good based here in Nairobi Kenya. And their simple creed is: do good, no matter how small it looks. So for me, the heart of doing good is very simple. Just simply do good. 

And come to think of it, Covid-19 and the many closed businesses it brought with itself is enough reason to now be mindful of others who may be in need. A simple phone call to check how someone is doing is an act of kindness that will be appreciated. Getting a few extra groceries for someone who may need them in your apartment building may go a long way to help someone get by during this lockdown. And because kindness is the fruit of the Spirit of God Himself, he or she who has it certainly has God in himself or herself.

Be kind and simply do good.

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