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Your Food is Your Medicine


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Your Food is Your Medicine


Medicine we know does not fix anything, does not cure anything and medicine is toxic. It usually interferes with something naturally that is supposed to take place in your body – Leighterin Connealy (MD).

Holistically speaking, preventive medicine is found in nature and nature is not the alternative to modern day synthetic medicine. Nature is the actual medicine. And this means that the one way to be free from disease or be healed from disease and sicknesses is first, to go the natural way of eating and the natural way of body health.

According to the Biblical story of creation and even among many ancient Afrikan creation story, the human body was taken from the earth before the breath of life was placed in him, for him to become a living being. And same thing with nature. All animals, trees, herbs and everything that we are supposed to eat for food and health, all came from the ground. Meaning that, both man and his food were taken from the soil and by that, whatever comes out of the soil is the only thing that will keep his body alive and not what was created in the laboratory.
I do not have to prove anything really, the numbers of non-communicable diseases globally and the numbers of people that are dying of these diseases are enough to tell you how far we have come on the path of foolishness and self destruction.

To say the truth, the first time I heard about the concept of non-communicable disease or lifestyle disease, it was very funny to me. And by me saying it was funny, I do not mean to undermine the fact that such aspect of diseases actually exist. It was funny to me because obviously, that the disease is non-communicable or lifestyle related simply means it is self inflicted either through wrong diet or any other negative lifestyle practices. And what that tells me is that, if such disease can be caused by the type of diet and the way a person lives his life, it means all it will take for such disease to be dealt with is a change in diet and daily lifestyle. No medicine or vaccines required. If you ask me, that’s one of the most beautiful things God gave us in nature to enjoy as people made in His image. And it is AMAZING!

Except for those who love to hide their heads under the bums of the system of this world, with all its manipulations and indoctrination, it is clear that if truly man was taken from the earth, only that which comes from the earth will keep his body alive. Man’s spirit however comes from God and God alone can keep his spirit alive. The modern day spirit of consumerism and falsehood of life, is a war against the earth that nourishes its other parts which is the human body and also creates distraction from connecting with God who alone can keep the spirit of humanity alive. So, basically, we are at war with everything and systems that are constantly trying to destroy humanity by the desecration of all that is spiritual, natural and human. The sons of wickedness who run this system of evil have done all they could in their power to undermine spirituality and how it is connected to God, the Source of all things created. They promote the system of self-worship, which has created nothing but lifestyles that are based on self and the gratification of self but at the detriment of that which is sane and true. They have been at war with us through the introduction of GMOs; chemicals that are destroying our lands, water and air, and all for money making. They have destroyed the family system while pushing the gay agenda, they are confusing our kids with the madness of multiple sexuality. They are destroying the human body through wrong and chemical based foods and then try to treat those same bodies with chemical based drugs produced by the same people who own both the food-processing companies and the pharmaceuticals. We are at war, but woe to him who is at war but does not know it. He will think all men are his friends and by that he will not take caution and must certainly be destroyed.

My family and I have for a while now been doing all we can to take natural and healthy food more seriously while doing away with processed foods and anything synthetic. We have heard and read enough in the course of publishing this magazine to know what is good for us in the area of food and body health. And we gladly welcome you too on the journey of a lifestyle change.

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What did the ancient Afrikans ate?
There is no time when you go online that you don’t see or watch one video or the other from young Afrikans that are clamoring for Afrika’s return back to the days of old. Often times they talk from the place of why Afrika does not seem to be growing. And because they think that going back to the days of ancient Egypt or Kemet and the knowledge of how to build pyramids and sphinx will miraculously shift Afrika forward into first world nations., they always make the same mistake, which is, that yesterday is gone simply means it’s gone. You can’t bring it back. The best you can do is realize where you are right now in the overall workings of the world’s development, make the right decisions that are capable of triggering the movement of Afrika forward, create the necessary environment for it and then get your hands and boots dirty to bring it to pass. To continue to grapple and fight this reality is foolishness, at best, and a waste of the time needed to really make things work.
I have also come to realize that these same people that are talking about ancient Afrikan stuff are almost all the time lopsided in their thinking. They want what the Afrikan ancestors have but they undermine the discipline and the passion required to make it so. They eat all the junk they can find and drink all the chemically colored water that they call sodas. But the truth is that, the body that is bedridden because of synthetic medicine, processed foods, colored water in fine bottles cannot and will not be able to build a good modern day society, talk less of the Pyramids of Giza.
Any disease that makes men turn into business men will never get a cure. For the simple reason that money is a master and the only rule it gives its slave is…get some more. It is alarming, to say the least, that there are millions of organizations all over the world that are raising money daily for research into cancer cures or vaccines. But they conveniently always leave out the link between cancer and processed foods, GMOs, pesticides, radiation and every weird lifestyle that men have called MODERN.

How convenient it is to be very mindless.

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