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Your Vote Counts


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Your Vote Counts

In the current global political climate, it’s easy to respond to that headline with a weary, “Just how does my vote count?” Especially considering how easy it is for people to rig the ballot in their favor or manipulate the outcome of the elections by the use of social media analytics, hacking and other underhanded tactics. Just how does my standing in line for hours count?

Why should I bother mailing my ballot in? Why should I care? Why should I try? What’s the point? They’ve already decided who will win.

What if I told you that if this is your position, then their plan has worked? In military parlance, the Fabian strategy is a military approach where one side – the weaker side –to avoid large battles it knows it could lose, makes use of small, confrontations in a war of attrition (a wearing, grinding war) that breaks their opponent’s will, causing them great losses and even bringing them to the point of collapse.

This strategy is used by forces of darkness, human and not, alike. To get you to the place of weariness and apathy so that you throw your hands up in the air and say, “What’s the point?” effectively pulling back from battle. All your thoughts, ideas, commitment, energy, passion and mandate that could be applied to the transformation of an issue are therefore withdrawn from the battlefield, leaving room for your weaker opponent to dominate. It’s a head game. And that’s what’s been going on around the world, pretty much.

Wherever possible, victory is snatched from the hands of the ones who seem best for the job, policies that should never see the light of day get approved and the ones who could make a difference by their numbers get tired of the fight.
If this is you, or if you are getting increasingly fed-up with the shenanigans in your country and are tempted to give up, consider that your actions are not only physical but that you would be compromising both a physical and a spiritual position when it matters most. There will be a gap in the ‘fence’ as it were, where you used to stand and that simply is not what is needed right now in the world. We need voices, strong voices, pushing for what’s right in every single sector of society and particularly at the ballot. We need you.

If you choose to stay in the fight, before you hand over your representational interests through your vote, here’s what to do:

  1. Find out who should be in the vacant seats, prayerfully and per God’s will;
  2. Keep in mind you are voting for someone to represent you and your needs so that you can go on doing what you love without fear of betrayal. Do you know them? Do you trust them?
  3. What is their fruit? Having examined them and their lives, what proof do you have that they are the kind of person that will live up to their promise? What have their lives brought forth in the past that says to you: “This one will do for us what is needful?”
  4. Your children’s future. The people you choose will make choices about what happens to your children, your grandchildren and so on. Including the unborn. Everything is on the line. What do they believe and stand for?
  5. The head determines the spirit of the land. What the person you select comes with into a rulership position will affect the atmosphere around you, spiritually and physically.

But what happens if I make my choice and the one I prayed over doesn’t get picked? If your choice doesn’t make it, it doesn’t mean that your selection has gone unnoticed. He Who sees what is done in secret has taken note of your mental determinations, your spiritual posture and your physical choices to match. That’s preeminent.

Secondly, it will reveal to you the heart of the nation you’re in and you can take a new posture, which is to pray for your nation and watch over it. Critical. You see, the world we are in is not what it appears to be on the surface and the things that are going on in it need those who are aware to stand and intercede through prayer and action so that God’s will is done.

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As I write this, I’m aware that some do not feel that there is room for spiritual matters in the area of government and other aspects of civilian life, but that is far from the truth.
Man is a primarily spiritual being, interacting with spiritual realities to bring those forth or restrict their access into the physical realm. When the choice is made to bring negative realities forth, it affects the entire world physically as well as spiritually, and when the correct realities are brought forth, people, societies and the world thrive. Likewise, the prevention of negative and positive realities each have their effects.

When I say that your vote counts, therefore, it means not only your decision to participate in the electoral process, or the journey towards selecting the right choice for your nation… it also means the accurate posture you take after the process ends.

Even if your candidate is successful, they still need watching over, they still need protection, they still need guidance and wisdom and the continued will to do good. So, much more than your vote, you count because you are the reality that makes the things in God’s mind and heart possible or not.

Before I go, let me say that, in as much as this article was about votes and electoral process, it is much more than that really. It is more about your God given right to make choices that are accurate according to your deep personal conviction. So my word to you is that, you must not relinquish your ability to make choices simply because others have some selfish agendas. For if your choice can be controlled by others, then your life can also be controlled by them. Why? Our lives are basically the numbers of choices and decisions we have made. Make the right ones.
Think about it.

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