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Issue 10 Jan/Feb 2021


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Issue 10 Jan/Feb 2021

2020. The year that was. Many, we’re sure, are trying to bid good riddance to it, while others are celebrating what it brought their way. Some were more greatly enriched
financially, others emotionally, relationally and spiritually. Others were drained in all these areas.
For those trying to bid good riddance to it, you need to know that it marked a starting point for some things which are not going anywhere for a long time… and you will not
like some of those things – at all. Wisdom demands that you look back on 2020 and observe what really went on from eyes of understanding. Only then will you be empowered sufficiently to deal with 2021 and beyond.
Things are changing and have changed in ways that require our most deliberate and mature responses else the things that have been set in motion will ambush and destroy
not only our present but our future.
It is time to re-train those who lead in every sector to be able to handle the now. We must also prepare those who will lead in future – and in order to do so, we must
ourselves be empowered with understanding and tools.
This is not the year or the decade to hide one’s head in the sand. 2021 will not suffer fools gladly. And that’s the good news.

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