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Your Heart Deserves the Best


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Your Heart Deserves the Best

On this particular day, I went for my usual morning walk around a neighborhood in Nairobi. As I walked, I came across this huge billboard advert on the road. It was a Shell engine oil advert. The message on the bill board says “Your car deserves the best.” As someone in love with graphic design and the usage of words, the golden color of the design and the message itself captured my imagination. I continued my walk, but somehow the message of the advert started making a different sense to me.

It made perfect sense to realize that the seat of power, or what I will call the engine of our humanity, is our heart. I could relate to the fact that, if the engine of a car deserves the best of whatever it needs to perform properly, then the heart of a man, which is the seat or the engine of his existence, much more deserves all the best it can get. Why did I come to this conclusion? As a man is on the inside, so he certainly will be on the outside. So its not in vain that the Bible clearly gave an admonition to whoever will listen that each one must guard their hearts, for out of it flows the issues of life. Meaning that whatever a man plants as seeds in his heart or whatever “oil” a man pours inside his “engine”, that is, his heart, that is what will determine his output on the outside and by that his life is measured either as a success or a failure.

I know next to nothing about cars, but one thing I know for sure is that, no matter how expensive, complex or even sophisticated a car is, if the engine is faulty, the entire car is useless. Same way, no matter how learned or rich a man is, if the engine of his heart is faulty, that man is nothing and even if the whole world see him in a certain “good” way, his true value, which is measured by the intent of his heart, will be worthless.

We live in a weird world

Sometimes it’s quite difficult to separate men with wicked hearts who seemingly are doing “great things” on earth because they have the means to do so, from those with right heart and intent but who lack due environment and resources to express the same. Take for instance, for quite a long time, there have been stories of those who, because they have money to make almost anything happen, have been involved in all manner of biological genocides of people in various nations of the world,  but hiding behind the veil of charity and goodwill. Covid-19 as a created pandemic actually helped open up some of these people to the public. Well, I guess the public that are paying attention and not busy calling everything that sounds too evil for the human mind, conspiracy theory. For the term conspiracy theory seems to be the newest anthem in town, especially for those who are too lazy in their minds to connect the various strands of the same story which is coming together and those who are actually the creators of the wickedness that they intentionally call conspiracy theory. But nevertheless, the terrible things people do to other humans in the name of whatever ideology they have or whatever agenda they stand for can show you without any doubt that we are living right now in a world that is full of people with the most degenerated hearts and intentions.

For instance what kind of heart will create a program to vaccinate a certain race of people with gene altering chemicals, just so they fulfill their wicked agenda to control or depopulate the world? Who in God’s name gave anyone the right to think – not to mention to create – any form of material to reduce the population of the world that they didn’t create themselves? It all begins with the heart and mind that are not in-tuned with a simple love for life.

Protect your heart

The level of filth, corruption, evil and wickedness projected on the media, both mainstream and social media, is outrageous and nothing less than a mental weapon against life on earth. You may want to label the things you see that your mind tells you are inhumane as conspiracy theory, but if you are paying attention, you will know that even the pandemic, like I have said, was planned just to bring in a new level of control on the earth through what the globalists call the great global reset.

The media space is full of toxic content and mind-altering propaganda that have the power and the energy to create walking dead men with no ability whatsoever to identify and also refute what the forces of darkness are doing. People just know that things are going haywire by the minute but not many are connecting the dots as to why things are the way they are. Why is that? The minds of many have been over the past decades loaded with all manner of demonic mental projections that are creating such a massive delusion that its very difficult to pull away from.

Some years ago, I read somewhere (I can’t remember exactly where) that whenever the United Nations is having a meeting to make new global policies at the UN building, that right under the basement or somewhere under the UN building, there is a place where sorcerers, black magicians, wicansetc are making incantations and spells  just to make the governments of the nations of the world accept whatever policies are made in the conference room, without question. If that is true, then it points you to why things happen in your country and you wonder what’s wrong with your government. How they manage to make internal policies that are nothing but crap without any good for their own people. But almost all the time, such policies tend to favor the organizations of those people who call themselves the globalists.

Just take out time to reason out why your nation is the way it is.

Why with all the resources your nation has, especially Afrikan nations, your people are still poor or undermined. We are dealing with a massive dark weaponry unleashed by darkness using the media, movies, music videos, books, magazines, TV shows, cinemas etc to create such an unstable mental plane that is getting everyone very disoriented, except those who have understood how to protect their hearts from such trash.

People become what they allow inside their hearts

There was a recent incident where a young Kenyan boy of 22 killed his entire family. Police reported that he murdered them in cold blood. On further investigation, it was also reported that the boy confessed to have been inspired by a Netflix series called Killing Eve. You see that?

That’s the power the materials that enter our hearts have over our lives, either for good or for bad. So when I say that like the Shell advert, we all need to understand that our hearts and minds deserve the best “oil” to enable us become better people in our communities, it’s a simple case of garbage in garbage out. You can’t spend all your time watching porn and not have the tendency to want to rape a woman when the sex energy gets over you. Same way you can’t spend time pouring into your heart and mind the oil of goodness, peace, love, kindness, compassion and then live out the life that is not commensurate with that which you have poured inside your heart.

We must stop trying to change our world and start changing our hearts. Global warming is nothing but a global warning that the human heart has gotten to the point where it needs help and that help can only come by the renewing of minds and hearts in constance with the mind of God. Period.

You can say there is no God and also tell yourself that man is the ultimate god for himself, but you can see what that has created and is still creating on earth.

Protect your heart, life or death flows from it.

The doorways of our five senses

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I have often wondered what it feels like to be deaf, dumb and blind. I have wondered what people with such “disability” have on their inside as thoughts, imaginations and inner realities, since the door ways of some of the five senses that allow information, at least from the outside, are “closed”. I am not knowledgeable in this area, so I won’t say anything further, even though I am aware that the human conscience is much more an inner reality than that which comes from the outside.

Now, our mind or heart is influenced by the things we see with our eyes, hear with our ears, speak with our mouths, smell with our noses, feel with our skins and which are all the five common gateway systems. And because it is clear in the teachings of the Bible that out of the heart or out of that which is contained in the heart, the mouth speaks, it therefore also means that out of what is contained in the heart, oftentimes allowed through the gateways of our five senses, we act out on the outside. Meaning that for everything that is good or bad in our societies and communities, they are all the fruit of the trees we planted in our hearts through the seeds we allowed through our five gateways (senses). For a good man or woman out of the goodness of his or her heart brings forth good things. For a good tree cannot produce an evil fruit.

The age of irresponsibility

In case you have not noticed yet, we are living in an age and a generation that has thrown life’s caution to the wind of irresponsibility and careless living, all in the name of advancement and have become so confused in their dealings with life to the point that the entire foundation of humanity is out of course and is headed for some violent collision if we do not stop to renew and reframe the workings of our hearts and minds.

I have also been wondering why there is a sudden spike in the cases of suicide, depression, familicide, mental disorders, worries, violence, wickedness, dishonor for humanity and the community e.t.c. The one simply reason that could easily come to mind is that, humans have pushed the buttons of godlessness to its limit and which is causing so much of cosmic disorder, disharmony, confusion and many are looking for a quick way out of the effects of these disorders.

Our earth is like the womb of a woman that incubates and brings forth in multiple folds whatever is planted in it. We as humans have done a “good job” of planting mostly the seeds that are evil and certainly, the things we have sown are coming back to hunt us as fruits of wickedness. There is a Nigerian proverb that says “The child that says its mother will not sleep, it too will not sleep”. How is that? The moment a child goes to sleep, it gives the mother a good opportunity to sleep also.

The day is far spent and the planting season is clearly almost over and because it’s a natural law that one must reap the fruit or fruits of what was sowed, either good or bad, we cannot continue to behave like as if our daily choices and decisions are not the same thing as our seed-planting and thus harvest must be expected.

We must be careful of what we allow into our hearts and minds. Why is this important? We are simply on the outside what we are on the inside.

We cannot close our eyes to the things that are going on in our lives and society. It is time to review and reframe our minds, mindsets and by that rescue humanity before it is too late.

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