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Issue 12 May/Jun 2021


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Issue 12 May/Jun 2021

The time has come for each one to ‘hold up their side of the sky’. Enough with the excuse-making, enough with procrastination, enough, enough, enough!!! While you sit there bemoaning your circumstances, people who have it the same or worse than you are conquering their mountains, beating back the darkness and fighting the good fight. Then you choose to sit there in awe and worship them saying, “Wow, they are so accomplished!”
I can assure you that being in awe of them wasn’t the point. Being inspired to be able to push past your limitations and be your best self… THAT is the point. See – Afrika is waiting for her sons and daughters to be established so that they can tell her true story through their lives. In business, at home, in school, in government. To eliminate the lie of the backward, lowly, weak and futile Afrika and to replace that with the truth… the truth that Afrika and Afrikans are amazing!
You have supped enough on the motivational stories of others – it is time for you and your life to become the story that is told.
Afrika cannot afford to wait for you any longer.

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