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Welcome dear brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers, welcome to Zola Bantu. Many people out there are looking for a way to get out of this crisis that we are in, in Afrika. Other people are looking for a way to restore us to our Afrikan cultures. Everyone has his or her own comprehension about Afrikan culture and we are working in a desperate manner and that is already good. What makes us happy is that our consciousnesses are moving forward slowly by slowly. Though we have not arrived, but we can see the effort of many Afrikans who are looking for solutions so that we can end this pain that we are in. Today we will be short and we will speak to you on culture, because I have seen that if we are not careful the culture of Afrika will lose its credibility. Because some of those who are speaking/teaching Afrikan culture do not know it well and they do not even know the sense of that culture. This is not to tease them, but to give them a little comprehension so that they can be able to work well.

There is so much work, waking people up is hard, it is not easy. People have entered into the things of foreigners and they have studied them and gone on to higher levels, so if you want to speak to these people you have to first know and understand their expertise well. If your child in the house becomes an atheist or changes their beliefs; if you see that your child is lost, telling him he is lost or he is in foolishness is not enough, he will not listen to you. You have to make an effort to understand the thing that your son is finding to be a solid foundation of what he is into. And study the thing and discover the root of the issue and explain to him why this root cannot help him. At that point your child will listen, he will see that you know the matter, and he is in front of someone who is wise, someone who has made an effort to listen/study what he/she believes in, see where you may have the chance of saving your child. 

If you see that a certain formula or theory of mathematics is wrong and you want to convince the world of mathematicians that, that theory is wrong, if you do not know mathematics you will appear a fool. You will come among mathematicians and they will make a fool out of you. Nonetheless you are using/getting involved in things that you do not master. You can have an intuitive sense and feeling on the inside that something is good, but you have to learn the history of what you want to preach, learn the historical context of the thing, how did that thing come about, how did people embrace it, how was it done, you need to have the ins and outs of that thing, so when you will begin to talk you will be credible.

Afrikan culture is the culture of values of light of God the Father. Everything they will present you, if it does not have love, if it does not have a good comprehension, do not do it. For “You will know them by their fruits”.

Arvy Ngala-Ngala

Today we are seeing that the godship of foreigners, the fruit that it is bearing in the lives of people is not good. They themselves are beginning to interrogate the pertinence of their way of thinking, nonetheless it is not producing good fruits in associations, in families and many aspects of the human life. So when you bring Afrikan culture to the table as an alternative way of life, if your own concept is not producing good fruits, people will not adhere to your ways or approach. If you are developing hate, jealousy, separatism, you prefer people who are coming from 8,000 kilometres to help you more than people who are close to you in racial proximity, you are in contradiction with your own teachings, and it discredits you. This was a small introduction, today we will be brief to speak to you about true African culture.

What is true African culture? How people have placed their society in works, in laws, in behaviours, how they are seeing the world, their paradigm. They have placed it in families, in wealth, in various sorts of places, and say, “we will do things this way, or this is how we will do things”. Because if we do this we will call upon the light of God the father, we will be in symbiosis with God and nature and we will live well in our families in our nations.

That is why when we look into the world, we are saying that a black person in the beginning lived well in the world, he lived in peace, he knew the world and he knew himself, and he built the world in the thought, in the words, and in good works. And even though he was going slowly in the discovery of instruments (others may say technology) that could help him so that he could live well in the world, yet his behaviours were showing love, justice, and purity of God the Father.

So everything that we did, in our way of praying, in our way of showing ourselves as a people, in our way of living with mothers and fathers, sisters, brothers, in our way of living with children, the togetherness of these things that is what we call culture, true African culture. I heard a wise man say “culture is the soul & language of a people”, for sure, language drives the moral values of a people. Culture is the humanity, the Kimuntu, Ubuntu of Bantu people, wherever they are living and they are expressing it in a principled instrument of language.

That is why when we see the history of black people that began for the first time in Ntimasi, in the heart of Africa around 37,000 years before the time of the fish/Pisces up to when it went to Kingipiti/Egypt around 15,000 years before the time of fish/Pisces, up to today we can see that black people walked in peace at a certain period of their life where they had a culture that was showing the world the light of God the Father that we call the culture of black people.

The true culture of black people came to a decline around 1,000 or 2,000 years before Mfumu Yesu came to the world, see where we walked in pain known as the great exile from the wilderness to Canaan. Our coming to the heart of Afrika was not because we were having a good life in Egypt and did good things over there and so God the father said leave all that behind and go to the heart of Africa (Canaan) to do something else, no! It is because well fell before God the father. We intermarried with pagan nations while in Egypt, our leaders began to worship idols, and led the entire people to perdition.

My mothers, sisters, fathers and brothers, if you want to know what kind a person you are have a moment to self-critique, an intervention, if all your things you only see them as good, good, while it is bad you will not do good in the world. We came to the heart of Africa (Canaan/Ethiopia), we left Egypt we were chased by the Greeks, the Arabs, the Babylonians because we did not walk well with God. Our ancestors forgot good ways of life that built Egypt, the good ways that gave the wisdom in mathematics, in geometry, in medicine, and in various things that the west use today that they too have developed which has helped you and me today.

So when we arrived in the heart of Africa, we wanted to start again to build another civilization, but these evil people came again after us, and they also found bad people among us, sell-outs. Let us be sincere, let us be honest. Today the west is still dominating us, why? We have evil people among us who are selling us to them. We will not build Afrika if we place ourselves on a pedestal and we are not criticizing ourselves, let us be honest we walked wrongly. Even the elders that God sent us they walked wrongly. They left the fight of waking up the children of the nation and they entered into profane politics of the west while children were left asleep, see where it has led us to.

I know it is very difficult to understand us, but we will continue to speak to you up to when you will listen. If you will not listen to us, the situation you will encounter will bring you back to our words. You will run away from it, you will interpret it differently, but you will encounter bad situations due to strategic errors you will make. Because you think that all that is born in black people or all those that are teaching African black traditional practices or customs they are teaching it in the right way. We have not come to make an apology for African culture, we will select things that are right and combine it with the right things that are no more, to form a strong new culture. Listen to Mfumu Kimbangu, what did he tell you? He told you to remove two things from your life:

1.          For sure a time in Afrika came where they sold our ancestors, many women were left. We permitted for social regulation to have more wives, but when Mfumu Kimbangu came he said it is over, it is enough. Every man with his wife and every wife with her husband.

2.          Taking the wisdom of Kindoki/Satanism and placing it in sorcery is over.

This is the testament of Mfumu Kimbangu, read it and you will see we are not inventing anything. But today we see your culture today in the 21st century what you call African culture, it’s a shame.

Afrikan culture is the culture of values of light of God the Father. Everything they will present you, if it does not have love, if it does not have a good comprehension, do not do it. For “You will know them by their fruits”. Let us be wise people, let us build a new Afrika with wisdom not in belief. If something happens, you have to explain to me, science is experimental if you already know the principles of how something happens, if you place it in works, the same principles produce the same effects.

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To those who are teaching Afrikan culture, have wisdom, don’t just have the pleasure of opposing because you want to oppose. You will tell us not to speak in English, but your kids who are born or grew up in English countries that do not know our Afrikan languages how will they hear us? You see! You will hear people say, “I feel bad when they speak in English”, but he is speaking to Malawians, Tanzanians, Zambians in English. Not everyone knows Afrikan languages, you yourself when you go to work, you do not speak Afrikan languages, you see! Emotions, the heart does not have good reception.

If we want to succeed in this thing, we need to have tolerance. Let us have tolerance for our differences. There are certain people who will teach a certain category of people, others can convince intellectuals, maybe you cannot convince intellectuals. In the foolishness that he is in, maybe another person will convince him. He will say to himself, “this person is an intellectual like me, let me listen to him “. He might minimize you in the place that you are if you are not an intellectual like him. But you in the place that you are, you are effective.

So Afrikan culture is not an apology of everything that black people have done. True afrikan culture is how to take the light of God the Father and place it in our traditions. But you need to know the structure of creation, you need to know light and how it functions. We encourage you all who are teaching Afrikan cultures, please continue but add a little knowledge on top. And you will see that there are bad things and there are also good things. For the Good things please fruitify them and multiply them, all the bad things remove, see where the healing of black people will be.

It is good work, it is great grace that God the Father has given you to stand up and teach the true Afrikan culture of black people, teach it with knowledge, teach it with wisdom. Let us be together, let us get along, another thing you may not know it, ask. Let us have that simplicity, a person who knows everything does not exist. But if we have rivalry, this person wants to surpass another, we will not do anything, and at the end we will fall. All our people who came before us, the whites took them and made them fall, nonetheless we were not united. But at this time let us elevate each other, let us be in agreement, let us love each other. Hear the few thoughts we have for you today at Zola Bantu.

Thank you be blessed!

Ahsante! Zikomo! Tatenda! Shukriya! Merci! Thank you! Ngiyabonga! Dankie! Gracias! Obrigado! Matondo!

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