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The Insanity Behind Covid and Today’s Thinking.

It’s July 2021, and in today’s world, science and scientific ‘inquiry, process and methodology’, the idols of the 20th and 21st Centuries, lie on the ground, moaning in anguish, mortally wounded, having been crushed underfoot by a hysterical and demented Covid 19 ‘pandemic’.

“Trust the science!” “The science is settled!” they yelled at the world from their high horses, using – as always – guilt-tripping, superiority and arrogance to herd together those who would comply with little to no nudging as well as to belittle and silence those who wouldn’t. Anyone who had an iota of sense and who could observe what was going on for themselves, without having to depend on the media (social or mainstream), the deceivers tried to cow into agreement using the fear and deceptions they were feeding the world. Oh, science. Na waa for you! You were so abused. You had become the hallmark of all modern civilization, the standard by which all was measured by which all progress was made. ‘Was the process scientific?’ ‘What’s the science behind that claim?’ ‘The science proves it, absolutely.’ Oh! No one dared breathe or utter a single sentence in opposition, lest they fall short of you. See what a rubbish Covid 19 made of you. Science! The world once worshipped at your feet… now you are the floor rug on which they wipe off the poo they stepped on as they walked along the road. “Science, any system of knowledge that is concerned with the physical world and its phenomena and that entails unbiased observations and systematic experimentation.” Walden University: “Science is the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical, social, and natural worlds through observation and experimentation. It’s key to innovation, global competitiveness, and human advancement.” Let’s take a look at how this ‘key to innovation, global competitiveness, and human advancement’ fared during Covid 19… or rather how it became the toilet paper of those who had made up their minds in advance to destroy the world. Let’s review whether the response was indeed ‘unbiased’ and ‘systematic’.

In early 2020, voices were raised questioning the Neil Ferguson and team’s Imperial College epidemiology model that predicted about 500,000 deaths in the UK and 2.2 million deaths in the US from the novel SARS Cov2, which was based on a ‘prediction’ that 81% of US and British populations being infected in the course of the epidemic and that 0.9% of them would die… unless their recommended non-pharmaceutical interventions were adopted. Remember the term, ‘flattening the curve’? The US and UK used the model to justify lockdowns and other measures, and many countries followed suit. The use of the numbers continued… even after the model had been proven to be problematic. By scientists.

In early 2020, voices were raised indicating that the Wuhan Institute of Virology as the source for a man-made ‘weaponized’ SARS Cov2. They were silenced. Until the narrative recently became more acceptable and perhaps, timely, for those working behind the scenes.

Those who had resisted the truth and denied the evidence so vigorously were revealed to have been the very people involved in gain of function research and the funding of the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

In early 2020, voices were raised warning that the PCR test, which had become the global standard for establishing Covid ‘cases’ and ‘infections’ and implementing policy for lockdowns in many nations across the world, was flawed. The Corman-Drosten paper describing the RT-PCR test for Covid 19 was published in Eurosurveillance on January 23rd 2020 (having been submitted for publication on January 21st 2020), yet the paper was published on the WHO website on January 13th and an updated version on January 17th 2020. The paper (which was authored by two Eurosurveillance editorial board members) was then peer-reviewed in 24hrs, a process which usually takes 4-6 weeks.  At the time of its release there had been 6 deaths reported globally from what came to be known as Covid 19 and the authors did not have access to actual virus material to develop their model but relied on assumptions that this virus was similar to the 2003 SARS-Cov aided by synthetic nucleic acid technology. Scientists who questioned this paper as the basis for a response also said that positive tests were erroneous indicators of proof of infection. Again, their voices were drowned out in an avalanche of derision, panic and manipulated data, which was effective in getting the disease named a pandemic and moving the world into a heightened and fearful response mode. Only in late 2020 and early 2021 did the WHO and the voice that seemed to be leading the charge, Anthony Fauci, admit that a high Cycle Threshold value could result in false positives.

Only after millions of people in the world had been ‘diagnosed’ and after billions of people in the world had been terrorized and harassed, businesses locked down, economies crippled… Only after scientists around the world had fought tooth and nail and put their reputations on the line to lay bare the deception.

In mid-2020, voices were raised in the medical and scientific profession informing that there were existing approved medications that could be repurposed for use in the prevention and reduction of viral load thereby reducing the effects of the virus on people and even curing and save lives. Proponents of Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, Vitamin C and D, Ivermectin found their voices not only silenced, but their names and reputations attacked with a viciousness that made one shudder… all the while, the singular narrative of a vaccine being the ‘only way out’ of the Covid19 ‘crisis’ was the one that gained momentum all around the world.

In mid to late 2020, multiple voices globally sounded the alarm about the possible side-effects of the new vaccines, which were either undergoing testing or had received Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA. Warnings about the insufficient data from the tests, about the real-world results vs. the lab scenario from the testing, about safeguarding against the unknowns by slowing down to do things properly. Even Merck shied away from the vaccine stampede. But, no, their words went unheeded and the numbers in the various adverse event reporting systems now show that someone should have listened and that someone should still listen and put a stop to this global lab test and think about its effects on the global population. Tens of thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of serious injuries and even more hospitalizations due to the vaccine have been reported since the vaccinations began – and yet these largely go unheeded.

So, when they come crying to you and saying, “We did the best we could with the limited information that we had about Covid 19, new information is now emerging that is guiding changes in approach.” Don’t believe them, because based on emerging information, first of all Anthony Fauci, Peter Daszak, Shi Xhengli and the US and Chinese governments (and the organizers of Event201 in 2019 i.e., Mr. Gates and co. – the same Gates who has been a very active campaigner for lockdowns, masks and vaccines) were well aware of what was going on and if they had any remotely sincere intentions, they could have easily put a stop to the spread of the disease in 2019 AND provided insights as to a cure before it spread to multiple countries around the world. Limited information indeed!

When they come crying to you and saying, “We just wanted to protect you and to ensure that you got the best possible cure that would save lives as fast as possible.” Don’t listen to them! Because if there really was such a serious crisis, they would have being doing anything and everything to arm the people under their care with useful information about how to build their immunity and providing them with the tools necessary to do so, instead of pulling these items off the shelf, like they did in some countries with Vitamin D and C and Zinc supplements, or silencing the voices of those who were successful in deploying Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin to actually save lives, or those who had come up with natural remedies from plant based sources to be able to reverse the effects of Covid 19 in their patients… or early sharing of information on the vaccines to enable those who believe in that intervention to be able to develop vaccines rapidly for their own citizens, without incurring such high costs. If there really was such an interest in them providing the best possible care, they would have listened to all the voices who shouted and said “Don’t rush the vaccine!! There are other options available now.”

When they come crying to you and saying, “We listened to all available commentary and insight from the scientific community about the best approach to take.” Send them away at once! Because the truth is, they deployed every weapon of misinformation and disinformation possible to convince the global population that there was no other option or narrative that should be believed, other than the one being touted by the WHO, the US CDC and any other ‘approved’ voice i.e., Corman Drosten, Neil Ferguson and his team, and any musician, actor, artist or other public figure who supported the popular narrative. Everyone else who brought up an alternative suggestion that would have helped reduce the impact of the disease, save money, help people regain a sense of calm and control over their lives in the midst of this evidently man-made crisis was censored, belittled, mocked, fact-checked, de-platformed and silenced in any way possible. The manufactured response to Covid 19 was hardly unbiased, consultative or comprehensive, considering that even the Nuremburg Code, which sought to protect the world against future harm from medical experimentation, after what the Nazi regime did in their death camps, was ignored and pushed aside.

When the politicians come to you to sing the same song, don’t listen to them. They have friends and family who must have been sharing all the information that I shared above – and more – with them. They just deigned not to get involved. For selfish reasons.

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We are now seeing more evidence, thanks to the courage of the likes of Fox26 reporter, Ivory Hecker, that indicates that reporters in the mainstream media do get tips from viewers and readers alike to follow up on incidents taking place around Covid 19, but that there is a narrative that these journalists are expected to adhere to, whether they like it or not. How liberating to know that the 4th estate is so compromised… liberating because now you have the choice of whether to agree to continue to live under the gaslighting agenda of the conspirators behind Covid 19 and The Great Reset, or not. If it is not strange to you that there was only one narrative allowed (meaning controlled speech) for a world of over 7 billion people around Covid19 then please sit down and think deeply about why you believe that in a world of such great diversity, dynamism, versatility and creativity… on this one topic ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE was only allowed to speak about it from one perspective.

Whether science will ever recover from this direct onslaught on its subsumed integrity and function remains to be seen. Those who still believe in its efficacy and necessity will, undoubtedly, fight for its survival following this destructive Covid attack on the world’s populations. Those who trust it will stand by it, for now, until it’s attacked again by those who care not for its survival. Why else would one go against its very tenets, all the while claiming to do so in the name of science, and publish papers that influence the direction of flow for the entirety of humanity to their doom and do so without remorse? Why would they lie against their very beliefs and push publicly for mask mandates whereas internally, with their own colleagues, they explain that their value is actually low? Why would they claim that vaccines are safe for pregnant and lactating moms and then claim it is a coincidence when multiple vaccinated women experience miscarriages or their infants’ lives are lost following the jab? Why would they claim vaccines are safe for adolescents and then postpone urgent discussions around the increasing cases of heart inflammations in these young ones who followed their instructions? Why would they continue to vaccinate, when thousands of deaths have been reported in connection to these vaccines around the world – and when previous vaccine initiatives were stopped for fewer deaths? Unbiased? Observations? Or is it just experimentation? Read the Nuremburg Code.

It would be enormously unfair to focus this failure of science exclusively on Covid 19 – even as Covid 19 did provide an ideal platform for the amplification of its failures. The truth is, there are many other instances where ‘science’ has been failing the world and still pushing ahead as if nothing is happening. We would be remiss if we ignored issues like infant, child and adult vaccinations which have been linked to autism, non-communicable diseases, cancer, deaths and more. We would be equally remiss if we ignored the medications that have caused similar issues and problems in the populations that use prescribed drugs. Just as we would have failed terribly if we did not highlight the crisis of organophosphates and herbicides in agriculture, which are linked to deformities in male and female genitalia as well as increasing cases in cancer… among other issues. The horrendously evil Tuskegee Syphilis ‘experiments’ (or rather, murders), the multiple medical experiments conducted in Afrika in the area of HIV/AIDS and so-called ‘childhood diseases’ and those done in India… all under the aegis of science… all running contrary to the Nuremburg Code – all deserving of the title Crimes Against Humanity or genocide. Not to forget to mention the increased environmental pollution and contamination arising from ‘innovation’ and ‘human advancement’ in the area of manufacturing, extractives, construction, telecommunications, energy and on and on.

But, the worst part of all of this is that it all seems to be tied to money. Even if science claims to be ‘objective’ forming no position on either what is ‘good’ or ‘evil’… surely it has a responsibility not to remain neutral when its own creations are turned into weapons of mass destruction? The false neutrality is a façade that science uses as an excuse to exercise and nurture a beastly nature, seeking willing funders to allow them to explore the depths of their imaginations and claim that they are removed from making a determination on whether merging a human with a pig is immoral or not. After all, it’s science.

The reality is that the scientific process has been proven to be as corruptible as any other human endeavor. Numbers can be faked to create desired outcomes that will support a narrative and there is very grave danger in that. It was important, and this is one way where Covid has been useful, for the entire world to understand – outside of a movie theatre or a novel – that it is possible for science to be sullied by evil people. Just as important was that everyone to understand how deadly it can be if a handful of people decide for you – based on the science – what your life will look like, sound like and feel like for the remainder of your days. Because, if you hadn’t noticed, that’s actually what they’re working on. And when they’re done with Covid19, they already have climate lockdowns planned and waiting in the sidelines to be rolled out when convenient… just as they have an economic crisis primed and ready to zap the world with if they so feel like. They? The global cabal that acts like it controls this world. Everyone from the private sector to the public sector in every sector who has decided that the they are the ones who have the power to make decisions on your behalf… and are going about actively doing so as they so desire.

But no one says you have to comply. In fact, one report I saw suggested that one of the well-known globalist groupings that influences corporate and government policy and direction were quite frustrated with the fact that people would not simply obey, but rather chose to exercise their free will and push back against the lies they saw and the regulations they knew to be unfair and unjust. Just because they have decided to try to make you a pawn in their scheme, doesn’t mean you cannot decline entirely. You are free to choose a good life, a free life, because that’s how you were created to live. No one gets to tell you otherwise. It’s that simple.

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