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The more closely you look at this world that we live in right now, and the more you try to understand the narrative that drives it daily, the more you see the rot and the more reason why you, as a person, must choose to walk away from the entire thing.

It’s definitely true that we are living in a looped game that never ends and in which there are no winners among the global citizens. The global citizens are mostly like pawns in a large game of chess. In this case, however, the game is a very steep, dark, multi-complex mental matrix that sucks in people, either by their will or outside of their will, and makes them minions whose minds have be trained to say yes without asking why. And if there is what Covid-19 and the false pandemic has done, it has made sense of what the few “rebels” have been saying all these years about a global mind game and system that was created to put all men under control.

I recently watched a movie my wife found online. To me, the movie was not interesting because it was a great work of art, it really was not, but because of the things and realties I could deduce from what I was seeing. It was like a script that in less than two hours shed some light on the dark world of the globalist agendas.

In a nutshell, the movie was about a group of teenagers who were “tricked” into entering a game against their will. They were locked into several very dangerous situations where they had to race against a very limited time to find clues around them in order to escape being killed. Each time they found the clues required for each situation and made an escape, they found themselves in another level of the same game, but much more deadly. Remember, this was against their will, but they had to do what was required by those who control the game and who they couldn’t see, or else be killed. But what caught my mind is the fact that, the entire game was set up and controlled by a group of people remotely. Meaning that, even if the teenagers who were sucked into the game wanted out, the reality was that, they did not even know how or from where to push the stop or escape button. At the end of the movie, the system that controlled the game was destroyed by one of the teenagers who happened to know what to do, using the very hands of the creator of the game.

Who controls the buttons?

There was a time, just maybe less than three years ago when it was not really ok for a man to stay and work from the house. He  was almost considered irresponsible if he did. It was even worse if he did not have a job or wake up in the morning like others to catch the early morning bus to the office. But here we are, in a Covid era in which working from home is now considered noble and responsible because it is deemed necessary to reduce the spread of the disease. But are people really opening their eyes to see that all of this madness called Covid-19 and the falsehood called pandemic is actually the brain child a group of people somewhere who think this is the next level in their global game of domination and control? Meaning that humans now live their entire daily realities based on the workings and machinations of others. Life is just a game to some and the lives of others, are the pawns in their games.

Watching the movie I mentioned brings to mind some things about our societies that people do and fight who does not follow suit, but which they actually do not have any control over and for which they are not told the true state of things.

For instance, Afrikans now think that the only way your marriage can be successful is if you do a ‘white wedding’ in church. Imagine the foolishness of calling the Afrikan style of wedding “traditional” and calling the one done in the church “white”. For God’s sake, where did we even get the concept that weddings are supposed to be done in church? And from which hell did the narrative of a ‘white wedding’ come from? The fake royals? It is neither Afrikan nor Biblical. For if my memory serves me right, the only wedding that the Christ went to was not done in a Synagogue, nor in a church. But to imagine how much you are looked down upon if you don’t have a “white wedding” by the very same people who profess to know the Bible, you will think you have somehow offended God. And this is just one out of a million of things that we have come to accept as people, without any basis both spiritually and culturally.

It however boggles the mind when you try to make others see what’s going on but they look at you like one idiot and call you a conspiracy theorist.

A deceptive creation

I realized that the internet, social media, technology and the system that runs this world were not designed for social interaction, even though they being used for that. They were designed as tools for distraction from that which is real, in order to make mankind embrace that which is false, vanity and a lie. It’s a huge mind game that is played at different levels of ignorance. For the higher you go in the game, the deeper your state of ignorance about what is real and false. Meaning that the more you play the game, the more you are caught up in the web of the system and the more you are out of touch with your divine responsibility.

The system, obviously, was not designed to empower that which makes a man think differently or outside of the laid down path, and is even much less for those who have divine mandates in their hands. It’s a constant war and battle for freedom and liberty to rise above the game.

Real life experiences of the game

To some, this may look like a little bit of nothing or even over-sensitivity, but for me, it’s one huge pattern of control and which is also seen in other areas of our lives.

Have you even thought about how you feel about taking your family for a weekend ‘treat’ at KFC or any of the other “quick-meals” joints. You know the excitement you feel somewhere in your mind. And have you even taken time to think and understand that what you called a treat in those places is actually the opening of doors to unhealthy foods and which should never be placed on the same level as a “treat”. We all know that eating fast-food is one of the fastest ways of contracting non-communicable diseases, but how often do we feel on top of the world when we go for such weekend treats? You don’t have to look too far to see the effects of these “quick meals’ joints in the number of obese people we have around us. But the question is this, how did we got into that place where we consider that which is clearly killing us, treats? Television pseudo-lifestyle shows, influence of celebrity influencers, government policies etc., which are nothing but part of the game system which is laced with the intoxication of the wine of ignorance has clouded the minds of many and thus they only see what the immediate gratification of their desires are and not the overall long-term effects of their choices.

Maybe I am being over-sensitive about issues. But if I am, about the issue of “quick-meals” joints and the effects of such lifestyles on the health and psyche of the people, then what about the issue of vaccines and the rush to take them even without informed consent of the potential after effects?

I have encountered a couple of people whose mindset about the vaccine was something like“just take it to protect yourself now and then deal with the effects later”. In my mind, I am like “are you very serious?”. Imagine hearing such garbage from people that are supposed to be educated and who should know, by simple observation, that life is really not as simple as it appears. For how can you say I should “protect” myself from Covid-19 that is 99.9 percent survivable, by taking a vaccine that contains materials from aborted fetuses and which have the ability to alter my DNA and turn me into some kind of minion in the near future and without remedy? How does that even make sense to anyone if it is not that there is a game system that makes people only see what they are programmed to see and to keep believing in the very things that is killing them?

That brings me to the other tool of global control and manipulation-FEAR.

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Fear: the master tool of global control

I think humans have come to the place in time where everything makes us fear. We fear to question things. We fear to tell ourselves the truth about the real state of things, just so we don’t offend someone. We fear to say to the government that they are wrong in their approach to how they deal with our societies. We even fear to be humans, so we have shifted our “love and affection” to dogs. We now take pleasure is answering the title “Dad” or “Mum” to dogs and pets and call our children brother or sister to dogs. How sick is our world really?

I recently made a comment on a Facebook page of an Afrikan brother from Zimbabwe whose articles we have featured severally in this magazine. He was just making an observation about the various health issues that Afrikans are now facing, which were never part of our lives some decades ago. My comment to his post was something like “In the face of so many cases of PCOS, Endometriosis and the many other fertility diseases affecting, especially women of a certain age bracket, could it be that somewhere in the past there was some kind of vaccine or drug that was administered to that particular age bracket of women and which side effects is appearing as the fertility issues we now see.? His response affirmed my concern. He made mention that he also has been observing the same thing and it’s possible that these diseases are rising because of the issues of vaccines, drugs and also the “modern” use of chemicals in the production of food crops and even water for drinking.

If I am correct, I believe that one of the core principles of science is observation. Meaning that, just like me, you don’t have to be a science Prof to observe that there is a system that is running our world towards a wall or some abyss and that it’s up to us to come out of it before its too late.

Protect your family

Even if it’s difficult to save the entire world, which I really think is it, you can at least save your immediate family, or even extended family, from the system of this world that wants to swallow everyone. Pay closer attention to what is going on around you. Observe with curiosity events that are happening around you. Be concerned genuinely about others and also ask genuine questions and see how you can be of help to the many people out there that need such help.

Our world is getting sicker by the day and only the sanity of those who have awoken out of the matrix of the game system by the grace of God, can help save our world.

Are you one of such?

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