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Issue 24 February 2024


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Issue 24 February 2024

Blessed new month. Yes, it’s February 2024 already.
Here’s a checklist you can consider using as part of your 2030 preparations:
-A source of income that is not dependent on the system
-A place to live where you do not need to pay rent
-A reliable and independent power source
-An independent source of reliable clean water
-An independent source of reliable safe food and herbal remedies
-A mode or modes of transport that you can maintain by yourself
-A reliable source of shoes and clothing
-A plan for how to educate your children outside the system
-A trusted community of like-minded people
I shared that list because many people do not stop to consider what they would be cut off from if they find themselves at odds with a system that is designed to manipulate and control them in the worst way possible. Karibuni 🙂

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