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Connection between Cosmology and the Culture of Humans

The ancient Egyptian theocracy was regulated by Cosmic Order called Maat which was none other than the order of the sky viz. the observable, precise and predictable cycles of the sun, the moon and the stars.  This cosmic order was fervently believed to influence the material world below’.  It is still the same even today, and nothing has changed.

Robert Bauval in his works introduces us to the complicated nature of the connection between the spiritual world and the material world, as developed so uniquely by ancient Egyptians. Of course, in the ancient Egyptian book, The Book of the Dead, we are educated a lot about this connection. For example, the flooding of the Nile, from June to September was neatly and precisely connected to the Orion and Sirius stars. But more than that, the Pyramids of Giza were also built in such a way that they are connected to the Orion and Sirius stars. This signifies the connection between the cosmology and culture of the human beings and the cosmic order.  

The prefix ‘Bu’ stands for Materialism, and the suffix ‘Ntu’ stands for Spiritualism. Therefore it is Bu + Ntu = Buntu. If there is connection between our solar system and our human bodies, then there is definitely a connection between materialism and spiritualism. Contrary to the current belief, this signifies the fact that there is a connection between the spiritual world and material world. The two worlds are interdependent.

On the other hand, Motshekga (The Path to Self-knowledge, October 2012) argues that the spiritual body consists of the ethereal or quintessential element, while the material body consists of the four elements of water, fire, earth and air. The spiritual part must abide by the Moral Law that it inherited on its descent to the material world, while the physical body must abide by the material laws.

The human body is a microcosmic image of the macrocosmic universe. The macro-microcosmic relationship is expressed in the Law of Analogy.  This means the human body, on and by itself, is a miniature universe (Hermes Trismegistus). This is the basis of the notion that says ‘Man, Know Thyself’, for if you know yourself, you automatically understand the workings of the cosmic order.

The Human Body & Its Connection with the Cosmic Order.

At the material level, the eight chambers of the human brain are symbolized by the labyrinth. The eighth chamber of the human brain corresponds to the Bull of Heaven, while the remaining seven chambers correspond to the seven Pleides or circumpolar stars. At the physical level, the Bull of Heaven corresponds to the zodiac while the remaining Seven Cows correspond to the seven outer planets. The labyrinth was used to bring brain into harmony with the nerve centre of the universe and the eight gods that are symbolized by the Bull and Seven Cows of Heaven as well as the eight spheres of heaven. These consist of the zodiac and the seven outer planets that link the zodiac with the earth and humanity.

Secondly, there should be a balance between the Mind and the Body. There should be a balance between the Spirit, Thought/Soul and Word. This means the human personality should be integrated within itself and into the living organism that is the universe because disharmony within the physical causes disharmony within the spiritual world.  This nature of the balance is maintained by Ubuntu/Ma’at.

In our human bodies we have 7 energy centres called chakras. These energy centres are connected to some of our celestial bodies (stars), such as the Orion, Milky Way, Sirius A, and Sirius B.   Such energy comes from these celestial bodies, and that is why the Dogon people of Mali, here in Africa, who migrated from Kemet (ancient Egypt) in ancient times, were the first on earth to discover the star Sirius A, in their ancient quest to know who they are, but more importantly, to know how are they were connected to cosmic order.  Their creation myth, for example, reflects the nuances of cutting-edge scientific cosmology, and finally this scientific knowledge is being recognized universally.

Thirdly, all human beings have the Third Eye or Pineal gland that is situated on the forehead, between the two eyes. Some Kemets (ancient Egyptians) used to refer to this eye as the Eye of Ra. This gland is connected also to some celestial bodies, including Sirius A star.

Spiritual and Material Connection

This energy connection between humans and some of the stars provide a channel through which the spirit of our Creator god enters into our inner selves. This is how ‘Ntu’ gets into our inner bodies, with an aim to control and direct us as humans. This should not be surprising because humans, actually come from the star Sirius.  That’s why ‘Bu’ stands for our outer material side and ‘Ntu’ stands for our inner spiritual side.  The Kemets (ancient Egyptians) never made a mistake of separating the ‘ka’ and the ‘ba’, i.e. the body and spirit, which translates to ‘Kaba’. In our case, unfortunately, we separate ‘ntu’ from ‘bu’. 

Each one of us is equipped with an infinitely powerful cosmic antenna in the centre of our brain. This Eye allows us to directly connect to the spirits in the sky. It has the ability to sense light in complete darkness, manifest full colour imagined, and speak to you through emotion or feelings.

Connection between 7 Chakras Centres and the Milky Way Galaxy

The seven (7) chakras centres in our bodies are connected to the Milky Way Galaxy, which means they get their energies from there.  Looking up at the heavens, the Kemets perceived order and balance in the harmony of the cosmic cycles which offset the extremes and maximums of the larger more ponderous cycles which in their turn do not permit the quick and shorter ones to run away with themselves in influencing the general climate and daily weather.

The planets of our solar system accentuate these conditions produced by the Sun and Moon. The Earth herself cycles through changes in the tilt of her axis, the inclination, and the eccentricity of her orbit.  Above all these cycles and conditions is the revolution and rotation of our own Milky Way galaxy.

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Humans live on planet Earth, and therefore, they are affected, and what makes them to be more affected is that they are connected to both planet Earth and the cosmic order.  It was goddess Amma who created planet Earth through the PO egg of creation, according to the Dogon Science.

Infinite wisdom and knowledge is locked inside every human being, but to really experience our ‘third eye’ potential we must begin to develop and repair the Pineal gland. Repairing this gland, means cleansing our epistemological and ontological behavior, our philosophy of life, our spiritual cosmology, etc, by going through knowledge cleansing process. Because our knowledges have been dirtied, and we need to cleanse them.

What is a Cosmic Order?

One of the teachings of order, transitional from the ancient to the Christian understanding, was a doctrine that ‘nothing could be out of the order of created things. What seems to us to be evil also exists in the framework of order. So, if there were no hangmen, robbery would fill the earth, and if there were no prostitutes, debauchery would flourish. The same Order applies to functions and duties of celestial bodies. It also applies to the angels, including ancestors. What applies to Heaven also applies to the Earth (Hierarchy and Order – Created Order – God, World, Evil, and Creation –

In short, what was put in place by God, will be there, undisturbed and unchanged forever. And to go against it, is a sin (JK Ngubane; Ubuntu: Philosophy and Practice, 2017). This is what we understand through the teachings of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu, in reality, is a universal divine law that is connected to cosmic order and nature. As a result it easily resonates with the indigenous knowledge systems (IKS) because it is embedded in nature and cosmic order, for nature and cosmic order are one, hence Hermes’ maxim: As above, So below.  This resonates with the ancestral spirits, who are connected to the cosmic order, nature and human beings, and to ignore this is to lose the significance of who we are. But more importantly, they are also connected to our indigenous knowledge systems. One of the duties of our ancestral spirits is to foster and promote Ubuntu within the living, including relatives and the entire community. The living are deeply connected to the departed ones.


Currently the knowledge we are consuming simultaneously is a combination of both exogenous and indigenous knowledges, and the crucial challenge is to sift what is exogenous from what is indigenous, for if we do not do that, an ‘other thought’ is ever trapped in coloniality. Modernity puts everything in one highway that is being patrolled and guarded by gate-keepers, making sure that ‘other thoughts’ do not cross the borders and contaminate what is theirs. African indigenous knowledges, right now, do not cross such borders, and as such, they are ever relegated and museumized by the colonialist gate-keepers. The rightful owners of such trapped and diluted indigenous knowledges, Ubuntu included, as a consequence, lose their identity and pride in themselves. As a consequence they have little sense of self-knowledge.

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