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Enotourism and the Vineyards


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Enotourism and the Vineyards

wineglasses on table in barn at vineyard

We cannot dine without some wine meaning that enotourism is a force to be reckoned with. Introspectively, a food and wine festival is something to look forward to on every tourism calendar. Wineries are a very lucrative venture, that is why many a restaurant is defined by its wine cellar. Good wine gets better with time and as a treasure, it brings about status to the travel and tourism compass. Thus, enotourism enables tourists to understand the complex relationship between the vines, soil and climate.

As a point of reference, the Wine Routes of the World Guide takes avid wine fanatics through France, Argentina, Chile, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Portugal, South Africa, Spain and the United States of America. However, today we are bringing vinitourism to Zimbabwe on a day trip that is being sold by Bushman Safaris. Local vineyards are opening their doors to enotourists and they are getting to know the world of wine as part of the benefits of travelling. This educational package is one in a million and many visitors will be drenched with winery tours and vineyard walks. For that to be realized, we shall witness the beauty of grapes in their glory at different stages up to the time when they are made into wine. Vintners always reap what they sow.

This itinerary includes horseback riding so it’s an understatement to say that it will be splendid to take a canter through the neat rows of grape vines. Other packages have nothing on a grapevine tour because it gives an authentic atmosphere where one’s senses will be intoxicated by the rich cultural ambience. Vinitourism requires participants to be passionate so we should cherish this succulent beverage forever. If you want to derive the best from such an age-old tradition, you can visit during the harvesting season when the destination will be a potential hive of activity. In regards to the wine-making process, every enotourist is always down for a behind-the-scenes experience courtesy of the vineyard. On the same token, visitors will have the opportunity to rub shoulders with the wine experts. They call it living a day in the shoes of a winemaker. The guests get to enjoy a mouthwatering three-course meal and wine tasting will be the order of the luncheon. One is bound to either take a long swig of wine or indulge in a binge at most. These types of tours are rare so tourists have to keep their ears on the ground. Let’s promote enotourism because it continues to complement tourism operations.

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