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Recently l just had a new hairdo. I have to tell you my African crown is 6 years old and l have never relaxed it before, yes you got that right.  For all those who are not aware, on the calendar on September 15 we do celebrate all the natural African sisters’ crowns.

Thus l am one of the sisters in the jungle.  However, let it be known that l have nothing against my fellow sisters who relax their hair, for it is pretty cool the final outcome, but it is not just for me. In life, we do make personal choices that we stick to, no matter what, just like how one chooses to be a vegan. Likewise, l am a naturalist when it comes to hair. It is a point to note that my hair is in its natural state because it doesn’t trouble me much with regards to combing and managing it. Somehow, l was blessed with hair that just cooperates, minus the pain faced by a lot of women who have long natural hair. However, l do face issues of dandruff, like the rest of my sisters for that is a common problem that we all cannot run away from. That is a topic for another day.

When l do not have my natural African hair in a ponytail with a puffed up top, l usually like to have my weave on, for this is a good protective hairdo. You will be guaranteed that your hair is protected from the elements, you won’t have to contend with shrinkage issues, in addition, maintaining your weave does not take much energy. You only have to brush it and put on some hail oils or food whichever suits you best and you will be good to go, to face the world as super woman. Besides being a protective hair style, weaves they give one the opportunity to choose what kind of style goes along with, and fits your face. Also, they give you countless options colorwise, besides the different hairstyles. Thus, you are guaranteed of changing to different styles as many times as you like in this lifetime from short weaves to long ones. All in all, it is a nice experience to play along with these different textures, styles and so forth. Needless to say, the feeling of having a new hairdo is surreal and cannot be rivaled, because you will be feeling beautiful and sexy. Without doubt, this feeling after a new hairdo is wonderful as you will be looking pretty and all.

Having said that, you must choose hair stylists who know what they will be doing. Do not just take people on their word that they can plait your hair nicely. Even in marketing we need good results of the sales and that rule even applies here. You need to have tangible evidence of their work or to put it simply “proof.” Sometimes dealing with hair dressers whose work has been recommended  to you by someone, will do you good, rather than just randomly going to hair stylists that you have no knowledge of.  When a bad hair do is completed, the damage will have already been done! Thus there are no two ways about it, remember this is an expensive hairdo we are talking about. With that in mind, be very careful of who you let work wonders on your hair. For big celebrities such as Katy Perry, Beyonce, Yemy Alade and the likes, they have specific hair dressers whom they allow to work miracles on their hair because it is our crown, ladies, which we are naturally endowed with.

Weaves for me are generally good and they are either glued, clipped or sewn on top of your plaited flat, natural hair. The only downside to them is that you go out of your way to buy high grade weaves such as Brazilian, Indian or Peruvian Sangita hair that have stolen the center stage. Indeed, they are expensive because they cost a pretty penny, but they are the best that money can buy. Fortunately enough for the end result, you are surely guaranteed of the unsurpassed look that you could rock. In the same vein, the Sangita weaves are almost like human hair, the style lasts longer, has added volume and to top it off, they have the front closure that have made life easy for even the hairdressers. Adding to that, the texture is out of this world it just flows and flies in the wind. This is where l give praise to technology, for it never disappoints. More innovations are coming in making life easier and prettier for us all concerned. Although, securing the services of these hairdressers is expensive, it is worth it because sometimes you have to spoil yourself with the best that money can buy. It is important to know that you will be doing this for yourself to boost your self-confidence and your status, thereby a woman has to do what she has to do. Word of advice, if you exercise a lot or do strenuous work that gets you sweating a lot then do not stay for long months with these weaves on. In some cases weaves might not even be the best hair do for you. Likewise for those suffering from alopecia, which is the loss of hair, you have to stay completely away from weaves.

However, when l was having a chat with some of my sisters in the jungle with natural hair they told me they preferred to be plaited then they just wear a wig because it is way simpler to handle life this way. When you are going out, you just don on your wig and there is no hassle. Also, when you come back you just have to remove it. I believe for every lady you need a handy wig like this despite which hair do you currently have.  A back up wig has become fundamental like a little black dress in your closet. It is a must have because you never know when it will save the day. However, wigs are a bit expensive, because they are a once off purchase, especially the new lace wigs that are top of the grade in terms of everything. You have to dig deep in your pockets because, as they say, no pain no gain for it is what it is. With wigs you just need to spray and keep them in good condition. Also, you need to buy a wig that is artfully done that won’t make you look like a cartoon character. Over and above, choose a color that complements your skin tone and try not to go over board or to exercise free rein in choosing a weird looking wig that will have you appear like a clown. These are important notes to take down when choosing wigs or weaves that one must have knowledge of after all knowledge is power.

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For those who are true naturalists who celebrate the World Afro day in September, they do not even bother with either donning a weave or a wig, for it is beneath them, so they claim. Like l have pointed out, these are personal issues thus you have the choice to do the right thing that pleases you. In particular, real sisters in the jungle do not bother going out of their way to buy weaves, wigs or any hair extensions, nope.  Instead they just go hair commando.

We even have celebrities that have made it sort of their trade mark the likes of Lupita Nyongo who keeps it short, neat and smart. Then we have Solange who wears proudly her crown amongst other famous actors. Going natural shows a certain level of confidence in who you are as an individual. Confidence is the best perfume/dress or aura one can wear as the saying goes. In short, my treasured readers do what works for you. This life is all about making yourself happy and making the right choices. Consequently have a hairdo that will bring out the best in you. 

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