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How You Earn What You Earn Matters


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How You Earn What You Earn Matters

Interesting how, sometimes, the biggest donors in church are the ones who receive the most honor from the church administration. They are given seats in prominent places, sometimes having their names engraved on those seats – or even being celebrated during the course of the church program of the day by being mentioned specifically for what they have done. Rarely, if ever, will the church that is receiving the money query the sources of those funds. This is how it is possible for private thugs, or those in public office to pay huge sums of money to churches with barely a question asked. All their sins suddenly washed away, and a place of honor in the church. Wonderful, right?

It is a curiosity that tax collectors in government agencies receive bonuses from taxes collected from tightening the screws on the citizenry, who are already struggling under financial and other social pressures and burdens. Using every weapon in their arsenal, they coerce, terrify and bully the tax payers into remitting something – not interested in how the tax payers get the money, or how the money that they collect is wasted by the governments that they hand it over to – but more concerned about the bonuses they will get from serving the interests of their bosses well. Such diligence, right?

It is so great how farmers will spray every single ounce of toxic chemicals that they can find onto their crops, that their harvests will be as green as green can be (or red, or purple, or orange) and can fetch the highest price in the market from selling poisons – that they themselves would not touch with a ten-foot pole, nor let their families consume. No, they have a separate organic crop for that. Never mind the long-term effects it will have on their customers … But as long as they are be dancing all the way to the bank, that’s good enough for everyone, because we have to celebrate their commitment towards feeding their nations. Don’t you agree… that it’s great?

It is wonderful how developed Afrika is becoming with all these gigantic private companies specializing in finance and manufacturing and retail! With manufacturers who do all to ensure that their products last as long as they can on the shelves of the large retailers – only to fail shorty after purchase, to earn repeat purchases; retailers who demand impossible perfection from suppliers of food products – food that will endure and look good for longer – at the expense of health. As for the bankers who like to keep their customers on the debt hook as opposed to empowering them to actually grow, those are the real geniuses. They convince you to take a loan or a credit card for something you would be better off working for gradually, and when you default – they simply descend on you with the fury of demons who have come to claim your soul. Because, after all, they cannot lose their money! It’s fantastic, isn’t it?

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Then there are government officers like presidents, prime ministers, senators, governors, members of parliament, ministers and other public officials, who are paid like clockwork, salaries extracted from the labor of the breaking backs of those straining to make ends meet because of unfair policies they created. They take the money without any remorse and come back again to demand yet more. These guys are the best, aren’t they?

Well, if you don’t agree that all of this is great, wonderful, fascinating, fantastic or that these guys are the best… why do they keep getting your support?

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