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Who Do You Blame

when opportunity does not meet preparation?

There are certain tests that one has to do, depending on the region in the world that you are going to. For instance, the ones who are going to England have got to do tests in English, and they have got to do tests, I think, in computers. And, our failure rate, particularly in English, is extremely high. True Daktari? We sent 300 people to do the English exams, 10 passed. 10 passed. So, I am challenging you that this is going to happen. I mean, we are going to negotiate, yes, but you are going to have to pass the exams. Not me, you. So, when we do those exams, let’s prepare ourselves, let’s set the standards. Prof, let’s set the standards, so that we are sure that there is no exam, anywhere on earth, that a clinical officer trained in Kenya can fail-

Kenya Health CS Mutahi Kagwe.

The above quote was taken from a speech the Kenya Health CS made during a session with Kenyan nurses. Apparently, the Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta, on his last visit to the UK brokered a job deal for Kenyan nurses to work as health workers in the UK. But, like every job requires some form of interview, test or exams for acceptance, the nurses were tested in an exam. But according to the CS, out of 300 nurses that were examined, only 10 of them passed the English exam that was required for the job.

Now, I am  not writing this article to bash or speak against the Kenyan nurses who “failed” the English exams (knowing the English language is required to work in the UK, which an English society, thought it’s not a measure of intelligence) but to point out something that is quite beyond failing of English or any other language in an exam.

Is it possible that Afrika is the way it is right now because many Afrikans are walking around complaining about what foreigners are doing against Afrika, while not spending time to really prepare to take over when opportunities are presented to them? It may be and it may not be. But here is the thing I am thinking:

There is a quote I came across a long time ago, it says “Success is when preparation meets opportunity.” This is absolutely correct and should be thought about critically.

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Every field of endeavor has its own specific requirements and every aspiration for success must be met with commensurate preparations. As Afrikans, we have delayed for too long in taking back our place as the cradle of humanity and creativity. We can no longer let ourselves be found wanting when it’s time to manifest who we are as a people. We cannot allow opportunities to pass us by, simply because we are not prepared to take up the positions meant for us.

Am I speaking about a lost opportunity to become a nurse in the UK? Not really…

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