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Issue 22 April 2022


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Issue 22 April 2022

Writing this message this month was hard. This is common when one is constantly sharing messages of hope and encouragement in a seemingly unchanging environment. The night before I wrote this down, I was asking God when we are going to start seeing tangible changes taking place on the continent i.e., that finally a nation like Nigeria will wake up and revive its refineries – even if it is one at a time – and begin to supply good, clean fuel to its citizens… affordable. That two Afrikan countries will deliberately knock down the borders between them and demonstrate to the continent that it is possible to co-exist in harmony with one another, moving, living and trading freely amongst themselves. That nations will cancel or refuse to renew unfavorable trade agreements with Europe, America, China, Australia, India and other countries, and start to implement what works for Afrika with all diligence and commitment. You know, things like that, that bring a glimmer of hope that all the praying over and speaking about and exposing of issues that affect Afrika is finally yielding fruit.
The answer that I have, so far, is that it boils down to one thing: individual responsibility. Individuals in their places of influence beginning to change what obviously needs changing, refusing to compromise, refusing to sell their birthright. Meaning: When one gets a brilliant idea, their role is seeing it through until it comes to fruition – instead of selling it to the highest bidder; A government officer declining to authorize activities and trade which they know are detrimental to his people and nation, and risking the personal cost that comes with it. I could give multiple examples.
The trials and tribulations that Afrika faces shall pass if Afrikans step forward, step up and do something about them. Praying for strength, courage and guidance is important – but what do we do with those powerful tools when they come? For, surely, they have to be put to use, abi?

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