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There are many things you see on social media and even though they are mostly naughty things, sometimes you get to read something that triggers you to write or do something. I came across a post that someone shared about the new social media platform called Threads that Mark Zuckerberg launched recently.

See the post:

While we gossiped over Banky W and Adesua, someone was busy, silently knitting threads.

While we discussed Davido and Anita and how baldness is the cause of cheating, someone was busy knitting threads.

It is not that we are not capable of great innovations, the problem with us is that we are often distracted with things that add little or nothing to us.

Another problem with us is that we often leave to God what we ought to do ourselves. This is why churches and mosques are scattered everywhere.

If you want to remain relevant in this world, keep improving yourself. God has given you all you need. Try to remain focused. Keep building silently. Keep knitting with threads. One day, the world will celebrate you.

May God bless your creative minds, and may you not die with the talent and gift God gave you without the world benefiting from it. Amen!

Fr Kelvin Ugwo

There are a lot of things one can pull out of this simple but thoughtful post. I like this line “It is not that we are not capable of great innovations, the problem with us is that we are often distracted with things that add little or nothing to us.” And this is true in many ways. When we give our minds and time to irrelevant things, relevant things pass us by and by that, we are not productive. But life should be about being productive in the purpose for which we are here on earth. Also, this line “Another problem with us is that we often leave to God what we ought to do ourselves. This is why churches and mosques are scattered everywhere.”

I cannot tell you how much damage this theory of “God will do it” has caused for supposed smart and intelligent people. Someone who was at the top of their game in any field of endeavor that they had been in before suddenly becomes a ‘fool’ and can’t think for themselves anymore simply because they became Christian or Muslim. I have never seen, in the scriptures, God saying those who come to Him should leave their brains outside the temple or Tabernacle. Yes, there is the place of living by the leading of the Spirit, which is definitely at loggerheads with logical reasoning because the things of the Spirit are not always ‘logical’, but it’s not an excuse for losing the ability to think, especially when one has to deal with life every day. Wisdom is the principal thing but wisdom is not effective outside of knowledge and understanding which comes from the engagement of the mind and thinking power. It is not as a man prays so is he, but as a man thinks.

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Social media is a very effective means of interaction, good for the sale of products and for reaching out to a massive amount of people all at once and across the globe, but it is also a very tricky and silent medium of distraction and a waste of time, when not used with wisdom and discipline.

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I have heard many people talk about life and their dreams but when you ask them what intentional push they are making towards that dream or dreams, they either tell you they don’t know or they are waiting for God. And I am not against how anyone deals with their God or spirituality; I just feel that we make a mockery of spirituality when we think it’s something that happens to us outside of our own conscious ability to relate to the content of that spirituality. So you have a nation like Nigeria or some other countries in Africa with some of the largest church congregations in the world and massive “spiritual” activities day in and day out, but the level of poverty, corruption, indifference to change and innovation is overwhelming. Makes you wonder why such a massive “spiritual” atmosphere in the land is not producing a massive amount of innovative and creative ideas. I am of the opinion that the same Spirit of God that most people say they follow or pray to is also the One with wisdom, knowledge and understanding for creativity. So, why is creativity not one of the rewards for following the Spirit?

Make a move

Regarding our lives and walking with God to fulfil our purpose, we won’t often know the next move until we move with the move of God. It’s like driving on a winding road with many curves. You really don’t know what’s around the next corner until you get there. This is why wisdom is the principal thing to get on the journey of our lives. Wisdom helps us connect the dots of how it has been before, how it’s going now and what potential place it will lead to. This is also the reason why in Africa, old age is termed wisdom. Why? It is expected that an old person who has gone through many events in life now knows and understands how life’s dots are connected based on experience. Why am I saying all these? Wisdom should help someone know what to do in the present, judging by how it was done in the past.

So do you have a dream, an aspiration, a vision given to you by the Creator or even a passion that won’t just go away, do each day the little bits that will help create the fullness of that dream.

In our world, nothing just happens and magic is mostly deception. So, if you want to fulfil your purpose, get to work, make the moves, learn from the past and do all to be on the same wavelength as the Spirit that is leading you.

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