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Do What is Required

I was watching a video where Vusi Thembekwayo was talking about branding. He was trying to make a difference between the name Vusi Thembekwayo and the brand name VT. Obviously, the letters VT are the first two letters of the name Vusi Thembekwayo.

He said there are things Vusi Thembekwayo as a person would not want to do which VT the brand requires to be done for the brand to keep meeting the standards required for a global market. I am paraphrasing but I am sure you understand my point.

It’s not like I had not thought about the fact that you have to do what is required sometimes and not just what you love, but bringing it from the perspective of the difference between a Vusi Thembekwayo who is a person and then VT which is the brand of the same person, was quite amazing. Meaning that the success of VT as a brand is very much dependent on what Vusi Thembekwayo as a person does and vice versa.

But what does this mean to someone who is not a Vusi? It means the exact same thing. Doing what you love may not necessarily be what is required for the success you envisaged within the time frame you have given for that which you envisaged to manifest. So basically, it’s about the focus required to get done what must be done within the time that it is required to get it done even when you don’t feel like doing the work.

There are multiple directions that this thought on ‘doing what is required and not what you love’ can go. And it will mostly depend on which stage of your life you are in the present moment.

Take for instance, and this is my personal story. I have about four books that I am currently writing on various topics, two others that I am co-authoring with a friend of the family, while two others are finished and are in the editing process.

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Frankly speaking, it takes a different level of a push for me to continue to write articles for this magazine, design/produce the magazine, produce the videos that we share on YouTube, and also do the other things that are mandatory for me to do in each moment. I would rather go on a road trip because I love seeing new landscapes, go photo hunting away from the city, be in the studio recording a song, be somewhere teaching, or be focused on finishing my books.
These are some of the things I love to do naturally, but what is required for the production of Msingi Magazine and Msingi TV to go on demands something different.

And why am writing this? There are things required that we all as Africans must do for the emancipation and economic liberty of Africa which may not be what we would have loved to do. And until we begin to consciously narrow down these things that are necessary for the good of Africa, we all will keep doing what we love to do while complaining that Africa is not moving forward.

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