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Save the Rhinos

Extinction is a terrifying line of thought and a complete nightmare for the tourism and hospitality consortium. The idea of not having those rhino walking trails is unthinkable; it’s gut-wrenching. Tourism depends on safari and wildlife, so what will be the point of going for a game drive when there are no rhinos to gape at in astonishment? We cannot fathom that our game parks will be bland, thereby lacking the power to excite tourists forever. Thus, the tourism pool is having sleepless nights for the sake of the salient horn, which constantly brings this inevitable predicament to our door. Poachers are ripping us off and willingly putting their lives on the line for hard cash that is realised from keratin horn smuggling.

Suffice it to say that the rhinoceros is endangered in the wild due to our greedy and reckless actions. As a people, we are supposed to save this safari giant before it is wiped from the face of this earth. A word to the wise is enough. This gruesome topic has been dragging on for ages, and it’s high time we nailed the perpetrators for good. Speaking at length, dear readers, there is a need to box many a poacher’s ears for them to leave this special creature alone. Writing this article has been very painful because our safari and wildlife package is taking the fall in the long run. Emphatically, the rhino makes the tourism world go round. To be blatant, the big five will not fit the bill if the rhino goes extinct. Adding salt to this festering wound, game viewing will never be the same if the rhino is dehorned, even for its safety.

For everyone out there who is going to read this article, remember that the future generation has the right to see the rhino with its unicorn horn intact to comprehend its history. Even if the going gets tough, we cannot let it perish and be made a statistic like the dinosaur and the dodo. In 2021, Gonarezhou National Park reinforced the Save the Rhino mantra by succeeding in bringing back the black rhinoceros to the park with a bang after its thirty-year absence. A ceremony was held as part of an awareness campaign to end this dry spell and to keep on the lookout for the spiteful poachers. Likewise, let’s be logical and remain vigil in caring for the rhinoceros so that it will be up and about, feeling at home in the wilderness.

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The rhino has thick skin and has taken a lot from various poachers; however, it adamantly refuses to stay behind the scenes. Profoundly, tourism gives us a wake-up call by filling in all the blanks about the tourism calendar. We are proud to state that we have the Save the Rhino Day in May and the World Rhino Day in September. These days are set aside solely to uphold and celebrate the rhino and our tireless efforts towards its welfare. The conservation ante was upped in August as the Rhino Run at Lake Chivero Recreational Park was held. We urge everyone to register, for the proceeds will go towards fencing the park to protect our beloved herbivores. The rhino will never be a basket case if we act now. It will strut around happily ever after, defying all odds in its wake.

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