Muhoro Thuo, Sahihi Concepts,

I used to work in Kajiado and since buses took time to arrive at the bus stop, I used that time to explore the surroundings. Out of this curiosity, I noticed a bird that was nesting inside a sisal stem next to the bus stop and it kept going in and out which made it difficult to capture it. This particular Friday I carried my camera and was set to capture the bird after my colleagues had gone home. In that silence when kids
and teachers of Ereteti Primary School had left for the weekend, the bird came and it seemed relaxed and not in a rush. Unknown to the bird known as Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, it’s image was frozen in time as it stepped out of it’s home.
Camera: Canon 600D
Lens: Canon EF 400mm, Canon Extender 2x
Aperture: f 11
Shutterspeed: 1/800 second

Featured Photographer:

Muhoro Thuo
Creative Director and Photographer
Sahihi Concepts Ltd
+254 720 970901

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Msingi Afrika Team

Msingi Afrika Team

Passionate about getting God's message concerning Afrika and the end times to the world, in order to heal, restore and rebirth Afrika to her true purpose and destiny in God.

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