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In 2012, during a time of prayer, three young men, dancers and friends, were seeking a way in which their lives could offer a solution to the many challenges they saw around them. In their environment they witnessed many young people spending their time in dance clubs and out on the street looking for money. They felt they could do something different.
As they prayed, much like the Apostles of old, they each saw the same thing in the spirit… something burning. This scared them at first, but they connected it to an identity and purpose of the group they were forming and captured it in their name: Ablaze Dance Crew.
They made the decision to burn and shine and spread the gospel through dance, based on Matt 5:14 ‘ye are the light of the world.’ They seek, with the help of the
Holy Spirit, to passionately be the light of God wherever they go to minister, to impact lives, spread hope, transform souls and liberate and set the place ablaze for
God. The call this Dancegelism – a portmanteau they were given of ‘Dance Evangelism’.

Hot flame (source:

Drawn from different backgrounds and family, the young men have pushed to grow their craft and improve their skills, both on and off the dance floor. From an initial 3, Ablaze Dance Crew has grown to a team of 25 young men and women aged between 19-25. Using ideas from revelation’s from God and through research, their self-choreographed performances have taken place in streets, churches and on international platforms. They were even instrumental in the peaceful elections campaign in Kenya.
Against all odds they continue their efforts of Dancegelism, to spread the good news of Christ Jesus to as many as they can. Even when nobody knew them and no church wanted to adopt them and even a close friend advised them to change their name, saying that the word ABLAZE sounded satanic. Even when they were low on cash and often tempted to be called nice names, or belong to certain groups, get into cults or gangs, or cyber crime (yahoo yahoo)… they stuck to it through prayer, trusting God and being consistent, and they have seen the rewards. The desire to build up a generation of God’s burning army that would stand strong for God has been stronger than what they see in the world. Sadly, some of their members did give in to the temptation and leave the group, but others remained and yet others joined them, even from other faith backgrounds. Ablaze lovingly share their faith and have seen their brothers follow Jesus as a result.
The group members have found innovative ways to get done what needs to get done, using a concept they call being ‘youthfully useful’. They edit their own videos,
take their pictures and do their productions all by themselves.
They keep themselves busy doing things needed to support their families and pay the bills. They have more than five graduates, they have 4 CEOs and they have
members enrolling into various activities this year. Dance has taught them many things beyond dance, one for which is to always learn to let God lead, as you keep
moving forward in the race with no distractions.
Among other things, Ablaze Dance Crew exist to raise end time warriors (particularly youths and young adults) through the instrument of dance. Warriors who would use their God given talents to be the light of the world.
It’s impressive to see the focus and determination among young people, who are often more easily caught up in things of the world. To encounter a people determined to see God shine through them, no matter the personal cost to them.
In a world that is often so fickle and flaky, we thank God for them and our prayer is that God would continue to sustain and strengthen them to help them see their course faithfully through till the end.
For bookings or interviews visit their Facebook profile here.

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