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Issue 4 Jan-Feb 2020


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Issue 4 Jan-Feb 2020

Hello and welcome to a new year and a new decade. A time and a period in your destiny and the destiny of nations that is both definitive and pivotal. Our choices now will either MAKE or BREAK Afrika. I kid you not.
My husband said in his article about this new decade: ‘The Year of the Lord’s Creatives’, “Certainly we are in a time and season so significant in the calendar of the earth that accurate response must be given.” He also went on to add that, “To create is to give life and not to create is not to give life, and the power of life and death is in the tongue.”
2020 is not a passive year and it ushers in a very potent decade. A time in which very firm decisions have to be made on the individual and community/national levels about what to do next. What seeds to plant. What plans to create. What actions to undertake. It is NOT a light season. Our brother, Apostle Wale Owikoh, has been saying lately in his posts that we are to “keep a stern focus on the VISION, for it shall speak and not lie.”
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, dear reader, but you need to know that Afrika is not yet independent. Whatever fake ‘independence’ we choose to celebrate annually, marking 60 or so years of liberty from colonial masters is a grand hoax created to pull the wool over our eyes, and make us continue in bondage to the neo-colonialists and their puppets. You were never set free. They simply made a strategic withdrawal and found another way to run your country and this continent using economic impoverishment, war and aid.
Now as an Afrikan you cannot travel from north to south or east to west without buying papers and producing them at imaginary lines that say your brother next door is not one of you. That say that in Afrika there can be such a thing as a homeless person, a refugee, or an internally displaced person. Whereas, not long ago, Afrikans moved about freely, traded and settled where it was good. Now you pay for the ‘privilege’ of crossing an imaginary line. You cannot settle easily in new lands. You cannot trade without even more paperwork. You are not free.
Now you have to buy ‘approved’ seed, poison your crops in order to sell them, poison yourself and your children in order to interact with the system – and pay money for the privilege of visiting this death upon your generations.
But I put the blame squarely on you IF you have never stopped to find out what is really going on and to DO SOMETHING life-giving about it.
Why is the world is insisting on certain common ‘development’ goals and milestones, why does the education system keep shifting to incorporate aspects that will corrupt your child or deprive them of the ability to reason, why are your food and water are making you sick and yet those people you hired to represent you appear to be ‘doing nothing’about it? If you have never asked why we have to use paper money and why the milestones for Afrika always seem to be shifting. If you have never wondered why you run around doing things that leave you exhausted and without time to seriously reflect and do more with the potential you sense you innately have within you. If you turned a blind eye while your neighbor went down unjustly simply because you didn’t want to join them or to rock the boat. If you have never thought to yourself why the white man discovered the river that your ancestors always fished on. If you have not thought about the fact that CEOs of the world’s leading corporations see Africa as the hope of the next decade.
“…we are in a time and a season so significant in the calendar of the earth that accurate response must be given.” A time to create, to give life, to bless, to plant, to plan, to grow, to DO SOMETHING positive and life-giving to change the status quo. To quit the apathy of the past that is allowing the darkness to encroach. To save our souls and those of our children, before it’s too late.
Welcome to 2020. What will YOU do with it?

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